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Community Luminaries Series intend to honor beings in our Sanctuary community who are shining their light brightly to illuminate others on a Priest/ess path! So please join us in these wonderful conversations.

This zoom call offering is an opportunity to connect with each other around a-once-a- moon 13 Moon Oracle Divination/reading that we will draw and interpret together! There has been an expressed interest in creating a way to deepen as a community with The 13 Moon Oracle, to use it as an overview divination for that moon

Let us gather in our unified power as Priest/esses to offer the ancient art of Re-visioning-Alchemy for the Purpose of being the Divine Shuttle Reweaving the collective Dream! Join us for our Voyage to the etheric Priest/ess Temple of Astraea (that we journeyed to at Winter Solstice) to dimensionally gather for this sacred intention.

On full moon I am offering a zoom call for “Post Transmission Reflections” which will be an opportunity for us to connect and share around whatever the theme was in the full moon transmission in the Sanctuary newsletter. This is an open forum to share our reflections, our wisdom, our art, poetry, our inquiries..Join us!

piritual tea parties, for us to connect and share hearts, Witness each other, offer and feel supported on our journeys, catalyze and open to new growth rings in ourselves, uplift our frequencies and anchor peace in ourselves. Now, more than ever, we are remembering the importance of our heart to heart connections.

For centuries Priest/ess’ have journeyed on the etheric to tend to Her Holy Well, as Grail Maidens and Knights, to alchemically honor and care for the well being of water as the sacred element it truly is. It is here that we can have a powerful alchemical effect on all waters of Earth.

A new Zoom offering intended as an open forum for such questions and sharing. There is never any theme or plan, that we could just come together to be present in the heart for each other to share our questions and concerns, be held in our vulnerability, and receive each others wisdom, guidance and love.