Activated Prayers

There is so much comfort in making a request for a beloved to be held in our Prayer Basket. The sheer act of writing & sending it alone is a soothing balm…knowing, in Trust, the desired intention is seen as ‘already done’ in the strong arms of this container, focalized with such deep love by The Sanctuary of the Open Heart.The power of this container has revealed itself clearly in the positive transformations of my father with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. His circumstance has been critical for countless months, leaving myself and my family holding onto the edge. And radical improvements, that did not seem possible, have occurred in almost the immediate aftermath of each request. The doctors have been baffled again and again and my gratitude to all in this Prayer Basket simply can not be measured.

Angela Zawada

Both of my parents have been through surgery in the past couple of years. The surgeries were minor, but my parents were anxious. Having the deluge of prayers that arrived from the priestesses of the Sanctuary Prayer Basket, buoyed their hearts and gave them a sense of peace. Neither of them had ever felt such an outpouring of love and care, especially from people they didn’t know personally. The prayers from the Prayer Basket eased our hearts and minds during a difficult time and provided my family with the experience of literally being held in a cocoon of prayer, tenderness and love. We are forever grateful!

Elana Auerbach