Alchemical Goddess

Temple Keeper for the Alchemical Goddess of Ecstasy

Sarah Uma Kane

As a Stellar Alchemist I am here to raise the vibration and transmute the collective shadow through personal alchemy and to raise the torch of love for all of humanity.

As a Wise Woman Crone Elder, Staff Bearer, Torch Bearer, Liberator I offer many ways to play in the Mythic Way. This last year the Archetype of Lady Liberty started playing with me asking me to” Ignite all Heart Flames.” This began a movement of Lady Liberty Torchbearers through a F.B. Group as well as uniting our global community of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart who supported a pilgrimage to the sacred ground of Lady Liberty on 3-3-2020 Super Tuesday in the early days of the Corona Virus in New York City. We were called to activate the Crown (Corona) of Lady Liberty as a symbol of awakening  humanity. I see now that how this virus is accelerating the awakening of the One Heart.

As the Alchemical Goddess of Ecstasy I am initiating  out-breaks of dance and play in my local community and inviting the global community to unite with us as we move through this dark negredo of our collective mind.

I am a Focalizer of the Planetary Priestess 13 Moon Virtual Mystery School, a 13-month journey initiating 13 beings into the archetypes of the Divine Feminine. This is an intimate circle in which I personally mentor and support Changing Wo/man. My next circle is being called in now to begin in July 2020-August 2021

Sarah Uma stands as a sovereign way shower, holding the torch of Liberty high, and welcoming all who hear the call to light the flame of Love in their hearts.
She is a Planetary Priestess who is here to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine. As an ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, she has been a focalizer of this work for the past 13 years; offering global blessings, women’s circles, archetypal initiations  and retreats. Uma midwives and mentors individuals into their fullest expression of their wholeness and divinity. She has worked with women and men all over the world to live in the sanctuary of their open heart and discover the power within. Uma lives in a nature sanctuary in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California called Avalon where she offers retreats and personal initiations and basks in Presence..
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