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Law Offices of Heather Reynolds

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Mythic Estate Planning is offered by the world’s only mer-lawyer, Heather Reynolds (aka Vyana).  Why shouldn’t all mythic beings have mythic estate plans to match who they TRULY are?  Who said that estate planning had to be limited to our physicality?  Let the most important legal documents you will ever create reflect your mythic Self-expression. 

Let your life and your legacy be bigger than your personality.  Why not create a sacred trust to hold your essential vision for the future of humanity and to continue to share your gifts even after you’re “gone.”  Call for a complimentary consultation.  We work with everyone’s budget.  Providing legal services in California, but mythic consults in all states.  

Greyson Kirby is a watercolor artist who creates unique Soul Star Chart paintings based on the exact day, time and location of your birth. These soul maps come with a natal chart reading and include the planetary placements as well as the Divine Feminine asteroid locations with explanation of their significance.

The charts measure 18″ x 24″ and incorporate symbols, color frequencies and archetypes governing each house that Greyson intuits or paints based on your direction. Her work includes layers of the finest watercolor pigments as well as iridescent washes that shimmer in the sunlight. Framing options are available upon request and each chart + reading takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Exchange for a chart + reading is $444 for Sanctuary Members.

Greyson is also available for any graphic design needs upon request.