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      A sampling of gratitude which has already been shared for the Living Library:

      “Ariel, I just have to send you a big wave of love and gratitude for all the videos and sharings that are now up in the living library on the website. They are so incredibly valuable to me in my continued deepening with the 13 moon work. For those of us that do not live in the Bay area, its a beautiful gift to have that direct connection with you and the wisdom teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I am incredibly appreciative and grateful for your work and dedication to building this living library.

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! So much Love to you.”

      — Charlotte Wilson

      “Dearest Ariel, Gratitude OVERFLOWING!!!! The Living Library is a most beautiful gift that completely shatters any notion of what I imagined a ‘gift’ to be in this life as I receive this through my soul.  there are no words to describe how moved I feel by this offering.

      A deep, deep bow to all that flows through you.”

      — Greyson Kirby

      “I took in your *very much alive* Living Library and received the Calling all the Pieces Home transmission, which activated a series of events this week that offered me the opportunity to re-member fragmented parts of me on a deep cellular level. I am still amazed and humbled to witness how my life has unfolded since then. Things I never even imagined possible, that seemed stuck within me as well as in my family system, are shifting at the speed of light… There’s so much magic contained in all your creations, so incredibly powerful and potent… but these words don’t even come close to the actual experience… I bow to you for birthing these wonder-full galactic gems into this 3D reality!”

      — Tinne Ayana

      “Beloved Ariel
      I was talking about you only the other day with a friend who knows your work but not you personally. It was such a delight to share your qualities, like humor, with her and how they resound through your materials. It is a wonderful body of work that has such depth and brilliance standing alone from everything else online. It is a tribute to your insight but also your generosity and I refer to them several times a week. You can rest assured that your work lives on across the globe in place of your person. You have made such a contribution to life… I thank you always..”

      — Karen Welch

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