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      Prayer is a practice of joining hearts in claiming the truth and power of Love. Joining together in community to raise specific prayers increases their potency. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is devoted to nurturing each beloved in our community. Prayer is a powerful tool to embrace each heart in divine Love. Prayer operates on the understanding THAT WE ARE ALL ONE.. that we are inextricably interwoven and linked to each other as one vast cosmic being. All life is part of that quantum, holographic web of being. So when one part offers intention or prayer to another part, of course it is received as it is a part of the same whole. What prayer does is to bring attention and intention simultaneously to bear on what you are praying about. The stronger the love that directs the energy field within you, and the more clearly focused your intention, the more powerfully empowered the prayer is. You can pray fervently for virtually anything or anyone, but the caveat is that it has to be without attachment to a specific outcome. All you can pray for at one level, is the most expanded outcome for that soul or situation in that moment. The highest outcome is always outpicturing at a soul level, no matter what your ego mind “thinks” is the best or desired outcome. This embodied knowing is the “peace that passes all understanding.” to quote the Christian bible on this matter. Join us in the peace of prayer!

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