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      I cannot strongly enough recommend an investigation into the power of Sacred Geometry. You will have to experience it directly yourself to garner its benefits. Suffice it to say that it is much more than abstract concepts and shapes, rather it is evocative of the Divine forces of creation. Does that sound worthwhile? I encourage you to dive in!

      Sacred Geometry Videos

      The entire point of Alchemy is the raising of frequency, thus geometry is an essential tool in that process. Stripped down to a simple description, sacred geometries operate, metaphorically speaking, like a walkie-talkie, as a transduction station that transmits the vast wisdom that is encoded in a seemingly simple symbol. Our reality is literally created and maintained by the power of these symbols. They hold immense wisdom and potential for transformation.

      Advanced Sacred Geometry Course

      If you want to tap into the underlying divine power of the 13 Moon Oracle specifically, this offering will assist you in deepening your relationship to the sacred geometries within it! “In my seventy some odd years, I have traveled down many roads, exploring the nature of consciousness and I can assure you that in the end, all roads will eventually lead you to Sacred Geometry, so why not dive in now!” Ariel

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      Please note that the sound quality may be somewhat compromised in some of the videos due to some production challenges. We hope you’ll find the content as valuable as we do despite this.

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