What is Alchemy and Why Should We Care?

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      Alchemy is simply the raising of frequency! It describes the process of transmutation of baser elements into gold.

      Though it alludes to the level of chemical transmutation, it is also speaking to the alchemy of turning baser elements, the nigredo of emotional distortion and shadow wounding, as it is called in Alchemy, into the gold of pure consciousness/awareness.

      From a simply physical viewpoint our bodies are the alchemical laboratories wherein the alchemy of transforming food into energy occurs. By analogy, we are also alchemical consciousness laboratories and so understanding the nature of Alchemy can assist us in the rapid transit transmutation of our consciousness!

      Much wisdom about the nature of consciousness can be garnered from simply meditating with alchemical principles in the Alchemy of Ecstasy and the 13 Moon Oracle as they are there to further elucidate the nature of those archetypes, from each discreet alchemical lens and point of view.

      Believe me, the alchemical principles within the Alchemy of Ecstasy and the 13 Moon Oracle are not just mental abstractions to be comprehended mentally, rather to garner the gold from the words, listen and feel in emptiness, as if these words provide a direct entryway into the mystery of alchemical transmutation, because they can do just that.

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