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      The Living Library is my offering of a magical “snail trail” in my passing from this plane.

      That is to say, my living interactions in presence and unconditional Love have been the actual gift of my being alive on this planet, and in my leaving it, there will be this evanescent rainbow trail as to the path I have walked, and what I have garnered and come to know as actualized wisdom from my decades of humble service to Divine Love here.

      It has been a labor of Love for Argon and I to gather and film this material for over two years. I offer it to you freely and from the deepest place of Love. The offerings herein are not “professional” or polished, just “one offs” recorded straight from my heart to yours with all the flaws and imperfections of being human, pronunciation glitches, wrinkles and all!

      These videos are not meant to “teach” you anything. All I can actually do, is “point at the moon” with these offerings. The real work and value comes from your deepening in your own inner meditation with what has been offered through me, to ignite and discover your own truth!

      It is my intention that this Living Library support your soul journey and spiritual evolution. It is a repository of a life time of work in the elevation of the Divine Feminine in consciousness! These are free offerings (along with a few deeper dives in the form of full courses), that anyone (male or female) can access to deepen in their experience of awakening consciousness through a Divine Feminine lens! (Please set aside some time to explore and experience this treasure trove!)

      In a culture that is all about “What’s in it for me?” this Library is freely offered for the upliftment of all beings. The Mother spoke this understanding to me so eloquently: “There no giving. There is no taking.

      There is nothing to “get”. We are an intrinsic part of the continually circulating circuit of unconditional Love.” Genuinely understanding this simple statement will transform your life! It is in my understanding of it, that I felt deeply impulsed to create this library.

      May my small part of this circuit of Love, in some way touch and serve your awakening! And may it serve your path of soul unfoldment, supporting you personally and us as a Sanctuary community, in our ecstatic remembering and stepping into the power, beauty and wisdom of Sacred Feminine embodiment! To this end is this Living Library dedicated!

      In Eternal Love..

      Your Sister.. ariel


      The videos below are offered to all members with the exception of four courses: Advanced Sacred Geometry, Feminine Alchemy, Principles of Inter-dimensional Sound and 13 Moon Oracle Cards In-Depth: A Consciousness Upgrade which can be purchased from these links or the ones below. If you wish to learn more, please contact Ariel at [email protected]. I am offering these videos freely from my heart to yours, so if you gained benefit and it is in your joy, please make a heart offering on this button!

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