Advanced Sacred Geometry

Unlock the full potential of the 13 Moon Oracle and deepen your understanding of the sacred geometries within it in this powerful course.

Each video is a deep dive into the 39 archetypal cards, one archetype at a time, providing a user-friendly way to receive the most value from working with the deck.

You will also learn how to engage with and utilize sacred geometry to alchemize your reality, as reality is literally created and maintained by the power of these symbols. They hold immense wisdom and potential for transformation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a consciousness upgrade and explore the secrets of Sacred Geometry.
Please note that despite some production challenges, the valuable content of the course shines through.

I finally watched the Sacred Geometry and Alchemy videos (a few times). I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed watching them — I felt like I was there in the workshop. The setting of the grid pattern and intimacy of the yurt, those wonderful stained glass sacred geometry spinning orbs, the blend of mantra, mudras, color, and practical application all added to the experience. I was also moved by the presence and love that the group held. Thank you for offering this to the world. – Marion Farrior

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