Creator Destroyer Preserver

Temple Keeper for the Creator, Destroyer Preserver

Elana Auerbach

Elana Auerbach stewards the Creator/Destroyer/Preserver Temple by gazing as unattached as she possibly can be at both the mirrors of horror and bliss that are ever present during this time of dissolution. Taking in the suffering that comes with much of human existence, while also experiencing regularly the joy and ecstasy of being in a human body. She volunteers weekly at the Women’s Daytime Drop in Center which provides food, hygiene products, clothes and other essential items to unhoused women and their children. Her heart breaks open each time she serves these people who are on the edge of our dissolving society; women and children who are invisible to most. They are filled with gratitude at receiving a warm drink and a warm meal. As she serves them, she tries to take in both the horror and the bliss from a place of equanimity. It’s not easy to stay centered as sorrow and anguish well up in her for these sisters and their kids.

Elana is an awakening awakener, a heart centered, straight talking spiritual teacher, gifted circle guide and burgeoning storyteller. Having spent her young adulthood getting a degree in Mathematics, as a management consultant, and as a banker on Wall Street, Elana knows intimately what it is to be in a place of soul disconnection and then, to wake up! and discover a path of ecstatic & embodied service.

Elana has been leading circles for almost 20 years, including 13 Moon Mystery School Circles, Sensuelle ~ A Woman’s Journey into Sensuality, and Awakening Your Inner Goddess. Elana is masterful at navigating conflict and other group challenges and bringing them to an empowered, authentic & harmonious outcome.

Elana weaves these three spiritual traditions ~ Zen Buddhism, Judaism, Goddess Spirituality ~ into a beautiful tapestry that illuminates her work as a soul guide, storyteller and circle facilitator. She lives in Berkeley, CA with her loverman husband, 11 year old son and puppy. You can email her at [email protected]

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