Draw An Oracle Card & Exciting Archetypal Quiz

Draw An Oracle Card & Take an Exciting Archetypal Quiz

The answers you seek are within you.

The 13 Moon Oracle deck doesn’t intend to “answer” your questions; rather it is a tool to connect you to your inner knowing and innate wisdom. Working with these archetypal themes helps to catalyze expansion, create personal transformation, establish a deeper harmony in your life and assist you in developing a clear, intuitive, inner voice and direct connection to the Divine.

Before you begin…

Take at least three deep breaths into your heart and belly to access a state of Empty Presence. When you feel open and receptive, shuffle the cards, and select one card.

There is a still, silent place within the Mystery of the Divine Feminine from which all truth emanates.

You may wish to wait for a soul question to rise from the quiet center of your being and then explore the answer through the lens of the card you have chosen. You may not even need to ask a question. Be open to what your Essence wishes for you to be aware of right now.

13 Moon Mystery School Archetypal Quiz to Determine Your Primary Divine Feminine Archetype

Have you sensed that there is more than just your everyday personality and ego life? Do you want to live your life from the much larger lens of your BIGGER MYTHIC STORY? Archetypes provide a powerful and exciting entryway into that expanded story of your life! Archetypes are the larger than life blueprints which guide the mythic unfoldment of your soul life and purpose for incarnating in any lifetime. If you have sensed intuitively that there is a guide for that process, celebrate, you have found it! This short quiz is based on the 13 Divine Feminine archetypes from The 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury. By taking this simple quiz, you can become aware of which archetype is providing the primary guiding principle and archetypal lensing for this lifetime. How exciting! And that is only a tiny entry point to the Divine Feminine Mysteries that hold unimaginable treasures for your spiritual journey! Ready to dive in? See you on the other side, in the Mystery!