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Books as Sacrament What is Reality? : A New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness By Ervin Laszlo



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Sep 26

5:00 pm PST

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Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness!!!


What is Reality? : A New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness By Ervin Laszlo

Join us for Books as Sacrament on Tuesday, September 26th at 5PM PST~

Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness

Dear Ones,

If you are intrigued by quantum physics, the nature of consciousness and larger pattern cosmic overviews, you’ll want to attend this Books as Sacrament offering. Ervin Laszlo’s penetrating comprehension of these subjects came from a life time passion as a scientist to understand the larger patterns of the Cosmos. This book is a work of great synthesis where we will be looking at concepts like syntony, ground state, deep dimension, holonomic brain theory, coherence, that together form the corpus of a major paradigm shift in science.
 We are going to do our best to make this complex material accessible and even fun. Please get the book as soon as you see this invitation, so that you can fully take it in to create a lively discussion around its paradigm shifting contents.
Join us on Tuesday, September 26th at 5PM PST

In Devotion.. ariel

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