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Books as Sacrament: “ROSENCRANTZ AND GILDENSTERN ARE DEAD (a movie)”



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Jul 30

5:00 pm PDT

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Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness!!!



Join us for Books as Sacrament on Tuesday, July 30th at 5PM PST~

Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness

Dear Ones,

This movie is a surrealistic look at the English playwright Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” through the eyes of two minor characters in the play, who metaphorically represent the right and the left brain’s approach and discreet lens on life. The fool, or right brain, goes through life curiously discovering the principles of physics “by accident”. While the left brain, thinking mind, dismisses them as foolishly unimportant.

This movie goes from exploring probability theory to determinism to sliding between dimensions. It is a movie, in short about consciousness and how it operates through the discreet lenses of the thinking mind and the feeling body. One continually has to ask “What is real here? What is actually going on here?” It is surrealistic.. with an emphasis on realistic, if you are looking at larger pattern overviews. This movie piques awareness into asking some valuable questions about consciousness and dimensionality.  Let’s see it together asking those questions,  allowing the movie to reveal some titillating answers.

(Please watch for the “word tennis match”, it’s my favorite part of this whole movie.)

Join us on Tuesday, July 30th, 2024 at 5PM PST

In Devotion.. ariel

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