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Books as Sacrament: The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse



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Feb 27

5:00 pm PDT

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Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness!!!


The Glass Bead Game: Magister Ludi by Herman Hesse

Join us for Books as Sacrament on Tuesday, February 27th at 5PM PST~

Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness

Dear Ones,

This book comprises the central organizing principle of my whole life. I read it first in my early twenties and then many times subsequently, trying to garner the deeper meaning and actual intention of this seemingly simple story. There was something deeply coded in my
soul with this book, that continually beckoned to me to remember something of great value and importance to my work in this lifetime. Eventually I decoded the mystery of what that was in my thirties, which is why I am so joyful to share it with you as a Books as Sacrament offering.
Distilled into the most quintessential expression of the book: The Glass Bead Game demonstrates Universal values and principles. The Game is held structurally, musically and philosophically as a frame work supporting the development of Universal Language. Veneration of beauty, meditation and inner knowledge, comprise the infra-structure of the Glass Bead Game. A major intention of the GBG is freeing thought and beliefs from any limitations or outside authority beyond one’s own unique connection to Source. The primary intention of the Glass Bead Game is transfiguration of any human smallness into that which is beyond words….into the radiance of pure awareness, pure consciousness!
If these core values of the Glass Bead Game excite and pique your consciousness, please join us for this amazing exploration!!


Join us on Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 at 5PM PST

In Devotion.. ariel

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