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Wise woman herbalist Cheryl Fromholzer



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Apr 23

12:00 pm PDT

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Cheryl Fromholzer, Clinical Herbalist & Educational Director of Gathering Thyme’s School of Western Herbalism, will discuss stinging nettle's myth, folklore, and medicine.

Do have a natural affinity toward the green world of plants? The Wise Woman’s knowledge of the vegetal world has been a Priest/ess specialty for millennia for healing and optimal health, whose wisdom comes directly from our Mother Gaia.

Cheryl Fromholzer is the creative force behind Gathering Thyme, an herb store in San Rafael, CA. She finds no greater joy than connecting humans to the deep healing wisdom of the plant world. When working with customers and private clients, her goal is to find the partnership between plants and people to bring about physical, mental and emotional balance, working to uncover root causes for profound, long-lasting change. More information about Gathering Thyme can be found here:

Cheryl is also the Educational Director of Gathering Thyme’s School of Western Herbalism, a prominent herbal education center in the Bay Area dedicated to teaching students the healing power of plant medicine as community herbalists, as well as professional clinical herbalists. More about the herb school’s short-term workshops and long-term courses can be found here: Cheryl Fromholzer (she/her) Clinical Herbalist & Herbal Educator at Gathering Thyme

In our hour together on Community Luminaries, Cheryl will be giving us a taste of  her accrued wisdom as a Wise Woman, through the lens of how an Herbalist sees the world. One of the herbs she will be focusing on will be stinging nettle in its myth, folklore and medicine. Please come with your questions and experiences to share about this powerful healing specialty of the Wise Woman archetype!

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