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Oct 19

12:00 pm PDT

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Dear ones,
Beloved community,
Greyson is currently the 13 Moon Temple Keeper for the Initiator archetype. Her gift with being able to perceive and then speak the truth she sees, has been literally honed to a fine art, in the sacred work that she offers. She will be sharing the back story as to what brought her to this artistic form in her Priestess path. Her intention is to inspire each of us to step more fully into crafting our own unique path from the gifts we each have been given in this lifetime!
Greyson has submitted her new book called Letting Her Go to Reese Witherspoon’s publishing company. She will hear soon about when that will be available to inspire all of us!!
In the realm of art as soul exploration, Greyson is a gifted intuitive astrologer and water color artist. She has brought these gifts together in three forms in what she calls SoulStar Charts, Gene Key charts and Archetypal Wheels. She creates these charts for individual self-inquiry, inner exploration and meditation. SoulStar Charts are Astrology charts painted to reveal the unique keys you hold in the alignment of planets, asteroids and signs in your birth chart. Gene Keys Charts are painted as as wall art or to sit on your altar for use in contemplation as you embrace the shadows of your individual gene keys to reveal the gifts and embody the siddhis of your Soul. And finally, Archetypal Wheels combine your natal chart with an archetypal wheel to map how your personal astrology weaves together with the primary archetypes guiding your life!
Greyson is a gifted teacher and initiator of the 13 Moon Mystery School work. She will be relaunching her virtual two moon (months) long offering (once a week) an introductory program to explore the underlying core principles guiding the 13 Moon Mystery School work. This will be a virtual zoom offering called ” Into the Mythic”. In it, she will be also be offering people the opportunity to dive into a general exploration of archetypes and in particular their Archetypal Wheels. The content for each module will be given on a Sunday to be explored and deepened with until meeting on Thursday evening to explore the material in each module more deeply together . It will begin on October 20th. If you have wanted to have a delicious taste of the deep fruit of the journey around the whole archetypal wheel of the 13 Moons, you would delight in this introductory exploration with Greyson!
Greyson’s offerings can be explored on her website here:
Join us on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 12PM PST

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