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Community Luminaries: “Julien DuBrow”



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Feb 21

12:00 pm PST

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Community Luminaries Series intend to honor beings in our Sanctuary community who are shining their light brightly to illuminate others on a Priest/ess path! So please join us in these wonderful conversations.


Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: A Talk with Luminary Julien DuBrow!


Dear Beloved Community,

The power of the Divine Feminine is returning to cultures around the world, and we are thrilled to announce an upcoming event that will help us inspire and amplify this movement!

We are excited to introduce Julien DuBrow, a luminary in our community who has dedicated her work to honoring the Sacred Feminine and empowering women. Julien is the author of the “Priestess Chronicles,” a mythological re-telling of the rise and fall of the Divine Feminine in Western culture. She is also the founder of The Divine Feminine Network, a sacred online space for all of us who celebrate the Sacred Feminine and the core principle of connection—connection with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. The Divine Feminine Network is a place where we share our creative gifts, business offerings, and events, all while nurturing a global sisterhood.

In this Community Luminary call, Julien will delve into the foundational aspects of Divine Feminine principles and the connection between the fall of the Divine Feminine and the history of women’s disenfranchisement. She will illuminate the path for a return of the sacred feminine and women’s empowerment, sharing insights on ways we can each amplify this resurgence in ourselves, our lives and our cultures.

Please join us for this opportunity to be part of an exciting exploration with Ariel and Julien. Join us on February 21st at Noon, and let’s together support the return to balance in Western culture and bring the Divine Feminine to the forefront of our lives.


Mark your calendars and invite your friends and loved ones to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can ignite the flame of the Divine Feminine and create positive change in our culture.

We look forward to having you with us on February 21st!

So much love, beloveds!

In Delight.. ariel

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