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Apr 27

12:00 pm PDT

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April 27th, 2022 at Noon PST
Beloved Community,
Do you want an experience of multi-dimensional awareness in form? Join us for our session with Wade McCollum, who is a multi-hyphenate actor/composer/writer/scientist/entrepreneur whose curiosity to commune with the animating force and drive to be of service has fruited a veritable orchard of adventures and career paths. A multi-award-winning actor, Wade has been blessed to have worked across all mediums. On TV he has had the honor of playing opposite such luminaries as Clive Owen (directed by Steven Soderbergh), Julianna Margulies, and Tea Leoni. He has appeared on Broadway and starred in several national Broadway tours and Off-Broadway shows, most recently as Ernest Shackleton in the inspiring two-person musical ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME which can be seen at He recently starred in a world premiere musical in London’s West End called IT HAPPENED IN KEY WEST. Since he was young, Wade has had an insatiable curiosity for math, physics, and the sciences. Though his early career led him down an artistic road, he always kept the flame for science alive through the self-study of astrophysics, psychoacoustics, and neuroscience. When Broadway shut down in 2020 it allowed Wade the time and space to devote himself fully to a science focus and he was accepted into the neuroscience program at the University of Pennsylvania. His central study is the neuroscience of story. He concurrently co-founded two tech startups out of Cornell Tech that focus on brain and behavioral health. One of the companies is devoted to “medical music,” a fusion of Wade’s many passions. Currently, he is juggling the Broadway tour of Lincoln Center Theatre’s MY FAIR LADY, the two tech companies, his neuroscience research through UPenn, and the penning/producing of his original musical ONE about Hermann Hesse creating his seminal epic poem SIDDHARTHA. Wade has devoted his life to the healing power of music, sound, and story. Now with 25+ years of qualitative research, he has begun fusing these experiential discoveries into quantitative scalable healing for all. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be with such a multi-faceted/multi-dimensional being!
Please join us on Wednesday, April 27th at Noon for this amazing offering!

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