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Oct 26

12:00 pm PDT

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A non-linear, holographic experience providing unique responses to each inquiry, expanding awareness through impressions like words, colors, images, humor, oracle cards, and book recommendations.

Imagine if there were a place where you could ask the burning spiritual questions that you wrestle with? We are launching a new Zoom offering called Goddess’ Prescription Pad that we intend to offer as an open forum for such questions and sharing. I have wanted to have one Sanctuary zoom call where there was no theme or plan, that we could just come together to be present in the heart for each other to share our questions and concerns, be held in our vulnerability, and receive each others wisdom, guidance and love.

The trick is that with my mind, as you can imagine, this is not going to be a linear question answer process or certainly NOT a source of advice from the mind. As with everything in my realm, this is intended to offer a pathway to expanding your awareness, through a holographic forum. That is, the answer you receive may not appear to be a direct response to your question, rather it is more likely to be a cloud-like “impression” that YOU will interpret in your own way. The “answer” might come in the form of a word, a color, an image, cranky-crone humor, an oracle card drawn, the suggestion of a particular book or practice. Unique responses for each unique inquiry.

What inspired me to offer this call was that in so far as I feel utterly limited by linear thought, I noticed at one point that what I do naturally and most effectively is to respond holographically to concerns or questions. So if you are game to experience this kind of holographic open playing field, I would be delighted to play with you there. If this kind of investigation excites you, come join us on Thursday, October 26th at 12 PM Pacific for our voyage of Goddess’ Prescription Pad!

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