Soul Salon

Soul Salon “Luminosi-Tea” Party



Event Date:

Aug 10

12:00 pm PST

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Dear Ones,
Where does our creative inspiration come from? The word inspiration derives from the Latin  inspiratio.. to breathe in. What creates that “spark”  that ignites the fire of our  inspiration and the desire to creatively express?
We live in a holographic reality that is completely interconnected and woven from One luminous Light Source. In Sanskrit it is called Indra’s Net. All life as a totality creates a living web of Oneness… a Light Loom upon which all life is woven. Though we are one light node in that hologram of the whole, we have natural access to all other aspects of that whole, due to its being a hologram. When inspiration “strikes” it represents two unique aspects of the same hologram connecting with each other in a moment and thus illuminating something new, in their unique connection and interaction.. In seeing/feeling/sensing that unique connection and combination, something that to our awareness is unique and novel for us, becomes luminous, is “lit up” illuminated, inspiring us to “breath that connection in”. In short we are inspired. To activate this creative process requires emptiness, one pointed focus and full presence to “feel/hear/see” the unique inspiration arising from the background of the whole luminous hologram of reality.
Join us on August 10th, 2022 at 12PM PST
Why gather at this time?
Now, more than ever, we are remembering the importance of our heart to heart connections with each other and with the Earth! With the energy of change being brought so viscerally into our awareness, as we move into the Unknown, we feel naturally impulsed to reassess where our roots are, what connections are serving our remaining centered in Love, no matter what storm is taking place. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is serving to strengthen our rootedness in Love together! In this technological time of texting and tweeting (which serve their purpose) I feel a deep desire to connect heart to heart, voice to voice… to see how we can serve each other in staying centered in Love. To begin this process of staying more connected in the web of Oneness, I want to start by offering…
for us to connect and share hearts, Witness each other, offer and feel supported on our journeys, catalyze and open to new growth rings in ourselves, uplift our frequencies and anchor peace in ourselves and the world. We will start by being led in a meditation to open us to sharing from the deeper parts of Self. Then I will offer soul inquiries for you to discover and weave your thread into our Web of Oneness. We will then open to sharing what you brought to share, Witnessing what you have moved toward or set down on the soul journey, asking pressing soul questions.. whatever we want to dream up as valuable for our time together on a zoom call! Finally we will work with a practice that can help you stabilize.. with a tool for turbulent times!
Prepare to be uplifted, to have fun, be inspired and most importantly to connect in the web of Oneness..
If you aren’t able to be with us on the live call, please register to receive the recording!
In delight,

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We are a Sanctuary that nurtures the illumination of consciousness through honoring the re-balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, celebrating the beauty and sanctity of the natural world and the embodiment of our Essential Selves, through the Wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine.

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