JOIN US FOR COMMUNITY LUMINARY: DR. TIA KANSARA VISIONARY SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIST MARK YOUR CALENDARS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH NOON PST Dear Ones.. This is an invitation to an exciting Community Luminaries offering with Dr. Tia Kansara. We are so fortunate to have her share her visionary strategies for moving forward on Earth in a more sustainable … Read more

COMMUNITY LUMINARY CHRISTINE ARYLO Wisdom Keeper Wise Woman of the Mastery of Self-Love! Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 12PM PST Dear Ones.. Do you think you have “heard it all” concerning Self-Love? The truth is that though the words self love are used over and over, Self Love is actually the “ring-pass-not” of all initiatory … Read more

JOIN US FOR COMMUNITY LUMINARY: GREYSON KIRBY: ART AND ASTROLOGY AS SOUL EXPLORATION WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2022 AT NOON PST Dear ones, Beloved community, Greyson is currently the 13 Moon Temple Keeper for the Initiator archetype. Her gift with being able to perceive and then speak the truth she sees, has been literally honed to a … Read more

JOIN US FOR COMMUNITY LUMINARY: LIZ CHILDS KELLY, AND HER NEW BOOK “HOME TO HER” WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2022 AT NOON PST Beloved community, Liz Childs Kelly (also known by her temple name “Nahla”) is the caretaker of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. She is also the … Read more

COMMUNITY LUMINARY: MANA SHAMS BIOENERGETIC MEDICAL MEDIUM MARK YOUR CALENDARS Wednesday, MAY 24, 2023 at 12PM PST Dear Ones.. We are very blessed to have as our next Community Luminary, Mana Shams, who is a Bioenergetic Medical Medium. Her background in the medical field for over a decade working with naturopaths. alternative medical doctors, and then … Read more

SACRED MALA MAKING WITH COMMUNITY LUMINARY ARTIST SILVIE SACHSEN-COBURG, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH, 2023 AT NOON PST Dear Ones.. We are joyful to invite you to attend our first exciting Community Luminary of the year. Her name is Silvie Sachsen-Coburg who resides in Austria. Silvie is an artist,(and mala maker) doula, initiate in devotion, hatha and … Read more

COMMUNITY LUMINARIES: VYANA (HEATHER) REYNOLDS  JOIN US FOR THIS PARADIGM SHIFTING EXPLORATION of Priestessing a visionary social justice movement!! WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 AT NOON PST Dear ones, Let’s come together to talk about using Transformative Justice to reset our societal norms, our definition of power, and our beliefs about gender to create more freedom, … Read more

COMMUNITY LUMINARY CINDY EDSTROM..WEAVER~SPINNER~DREAMER JOIN US FOR A LIVE DEMONSTRATION OF ANCIENT WEAVING TECHNIQUES! March 16th, 2022 at Noon PST Beloved Community, Have you ever considered where your clothes actually come from? Cindy/Itza is a Temple Keeper for the Weaver Dreamer for the Sanctuary and also an actual Weaver ~Spinner~Dreamer who practices the ancient Priestess … Read more

COMMUNITY LUMINARIES: ELZBETH GOULD ~ THE WELL OF TRUTH! Wednesday, May 25th at Noon PST Beloved Sanctuary Community, Elzbeth is the currently 13 Moon Temple Keeper for the Great Mother. She has long been fascinated with feminine archetypes, mythology,and rites of passage. She has taught and mentored girls at puberty and is the former director … Read more