Goddess of Compassion

Temple Keeper for the Goddess of Compassion

Bógar Argon Carrillo

I am the God/dess of Compassion, I am Bógar Argon Carrillo—a healer, artisan, and modern day alchemist walking the path of transformation through Self-discovery, exploration, compassion, ritual, and ceremony.

My work is an expression of love and beauty, and honors the sacredness of all life. In honor of my great grandmother, I dedicate myself and my work to walking as love’s presence and healing the heart of humanity.

As a young boy in Pueblo Magico Jerez, Zacatecas in Central Mexico, I was first introduced to the healing arts by my great grandmother, Maria Concepcion. Her herbal remedies infused intuition with the healing wisdom of plants. She often reminded me that there is a spiritual world – unseen yet powerful beyond measure, and available to every human on the planet. And she sparked in me a deep love for indigenous traditions, shamanic lineages, and their reverence for all life.

My life’s journey has taught me how it feels to suffer from the pain of the past. Yet, I’ve also discovered how to tap into my innate healing power and emerge into emotional and spiritual liberation.

Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I integrate my own life experience and ancestral wisdom, together with a variety of healing practices, teachings, and traditions to support clients to release the pain of unhealed wounds, free themselves from suffering, and reclaim the light of their own radiance.

As a healing practitioner, my approach is dynamic, bespoke, co-envisioned and co-created. I am an  ordained priest of Ariel Spilsbury’s 13 Moon Mystery School, President of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. As an alchemist, I distill hydrosol and essential oils, and offer ceremonial anointing (Diana DuBrow’s Emerald Temple).

As an energy healer, I am a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher International Reiki Organization.  I use sound and vibrational healing, including singing bowls & tuning forks designed to open specific energy centers in the body. I also employ Quantum Touch and massage therapy.

As a sacred talisman maker, I design custom, one of a kind hand-crafted sacred objects and talismans, including rattles, smudging fans, talking sticks, and mythic gifts.

As a ceremonialist, I offer rites of passage, prayer, smudging, alchemical cooking, and other indigenous modalities.

I envision a world where
 we compassionately recognize the Divine in ourselves and each other.

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