Great Mother

Temple Keeper for the Great Mother

Elzbeth Gould

Elzbeth is honored to stir the cauldron in the temple of the Great Mother.
When not sitting in empty presence, she can be found roaming the
unceded land of the Chocenyo/Ohlone people in Berkeley, California,
where she lives with her daughters and furbaby. She is a rose devotee, an
avid tree hugger, moon worshipper, and honey connoisseur. From her
Celtic lineage, she inherited a fluency in fae (hummingbird dialect,
inparticular) and a fondness for dancing in moonlight. Elzbeth is
passionate about honoring Mother Natures’s cycles and rhythms by
teaching girls and women about female rites of passage. Elz is also a
shapeshifting storyteller, art aficionado, kitchen alchemist, bee priestess,
Daughter of Devotion, and sacred thespian. She is currently working on her PhD in the fine art of surrender.

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