Host a Sanctuary Event

Beloveds, because we don’t have our own physical temple space (yet!), we often hold our events and ceremonies in the homes/personal temples of our community members. Most of our live, in-person events occur in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. If you live within a 60-mile radius of San Francisco and would like to offer your home, backyard, or other temple space for one of our events, please let us know.


Turn of the Wheel ceremony and celebration (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

13 Moon Archetypal circles

Special soul gatherings offered by Ariel (Grail Quest, 13 Moon Oracle deck explorations, Sacred Geometry, and much more!)

One-day or multiple day retreats

We would be delighted and grateful to discuss our upcoming event needs and also heartstorm ideas for other events you might be interested in co-creating/co-hosting with us.

Email Us to Host An Event