How to Go About Framing Soul Questions

Welcome to the holodeck of the Soul Express! Please take this preparatory information in before going on this journey!! 

To frame soul questions that are coming from heart-soul rather than ego/mind requires that you be in resonance with your expanded Essence and open to the possibility of Divine communion with that Divine Essence. To open to a question that will serve your conscious evolvement requires a field of openness and non expectation. 

  To assist this process of opening, create a sacred setting, anoint yourself, breathe, slow down.. allowing your awareness the time to consciously shift to a heart/soul focus by simply opening your  heart. As you breathe, imagine your heart as a flower feeling its petals opening like a fully bloomed rose.  If thoughts come into the silence you are cultivating, just lovingly release them like a bubble and come back to Emptiness and open awareness. When there is the feeling of a still, clear lake in your heart, what your soul is interested in knowing or communicating will bubble up naturally from that clarity and emptiness. 

Questions that are coming energetically down from mind or past reservoirs of thought will sound/feel klunky, heavy, hollow or brittle. If you have heard it before, it is coming from your mind. Questions coming from soul, arise spontaneously from the belly and heart with no effort or trying and feel fresh, light, effervescent, and are often surprising even to you. 

It goes without saying that any oracle is limited by questions that only have a “yes” or “no” answer. It also goes without saying that the more expanded the coherence and resonance of the alchemical field that we co-create together, the more expanded the dimensional access to responses to questions or concerns becomes.

The a priori understanding required to garner the maximum benefit from our time together is to really grasp that we live in a holographic reality in which you participate, with your brain being the holographic interface with that Greater Reality. It is the intention of this offering to cultivate your capacity to appreciate and decode holographic responses from the Universe, rather than to expect linear answers that only satisfy the ego/mind. This requires a lot of “let go” at a personality level but is well worth the exponential soul growth that comes from this one paradigm shift.  

Welcome to the holodeck of the Soul Express! Let’s enjoy this expansive journey into the Mystery together!

In Devotion.. ariel