The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a space to receive and offer service to the One Heart.

Receive Service  

For life transitions and critical choice points, Priest/esses are here to walk with you and your family.




Completion & Healing (intentions/addictions/deaths/grieving)

Request Ceremonial Priest/ess Services


Offer Service

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart intends to weave a tapestry of service with like-hearted organizations in service to the One Heart.

You are invited to serve!

Global Gratitude Alliance



Book a Soul Sit with Ariel or a Focalizer

“Soul-sit” means getting into a state of full attention to the present moment, and Empty Presence with ourselves and each other, in order to access expanded awareness that is ordinarily not available to the ego/mind. That is to say, it is not about spoon feeding information to the person who is inquiring,or coming to sit, rather it is about empowering them to access more deeply their own truth and expanded awareness. Usually in this highly charged archetypal field, people have breakthrough awareness, because they are accessing a greater, wiser part of themselves that already “knows”, hence it’s being called a soul-sit.

Book a Soul Sit


Personal Soul Sits With Ariel from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.


Submit a Prayer Request

Prayer is a practice of joining hearts in claiming the truth and power of love. Joining together in community to raise specific prayers increases their potency. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is devoted to nurturing each beloved in our community, and prayer is a powerful tool to embrace each heart in divine Love.


Prayer Basket from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.


The Power of Prayer

Testimonials for the power of our prayer

Would you like to join us in praying for beings who request our prayers? If so, please fill in your email and we will add you to the prayers list.

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