Lady of Communion

Temple Keeper for the Lady of Communion

As Temple Keeper for The Lady of Communion, I invite you to enter the vibrant, living frequencies of green and gold. You may find yourself deep in the forest, knowing you belong there. As you venture deeper within in the forest amongst the pines and aspen, following Pegasus, Horse, and Unicorn, be ready to remember yourself as a holy innocent, deeply beneficial to the spiral of life. You, sacred human, are naturally in communion, in intimate connection with all of the Biosphere, in Oneness with the body of our Mother Gaia. She calls to you…Remember.

As Artemis and Green Man, you are called to remember yourself as the union of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, invited to the wedding feast, the Sacred Marriage within you, the evolutionary grounding in consciousness of the mystery of sovereignty and union, the intebeing of terran green and solar gold.

As an emissary of the Goddess Artemis, I humbly hold this pillar and welcome you to Her Temple, the temple of the warrior of gentle from the land of green, the holy innocent, the forest androgyne.

In this lifetime, I have served as a physician for families and children, first as a pediatrician, then as a neonatologist caring for newborn humans requiring intensive care. This work showed me the mystery of the razors edge between life and death, the human cycles recapitulating the cycles of soil and forest, wind and rain.

I would only later discover Artemis, Goddess of childbirth and children had called me to that work, and later summoned me out of that work. From there, I was called to the land, into healing what has been broken, the call to renew and expand our human relationship and integration within what we call Nature. In truth, we and Nature are one.

We humans have just mostly forgotten in our teen-like efforts to separate from our parent and become individuals. Metaphysically, this processes of separation could be considered the dismemberment we require for our consciousness to deepen, which the Alchemists called “being eaten by the starry lion”. This prepares us for greater, deeper union with what and who we all are…individually, collectively, with all that is Gaia.

If you look for me, this human called Cynthia Itza, you may find me exploring and interacting with the “Natural World”, be that through seeding, planting, harvesting or simply deeply listening. Sometimes this looks like writing or reading, sometimes it is in tending animals, or working with fleece to spin or weave. Most often, it looks like everyday life, experiencing the numinous within the ordinary. What ever the call, you will find me following the luminous thread of the Mystery to the best of my ability. I hope you will join me.

Cynthia Itza

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