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13 Invocations from The Alchemy of Ecstasy By Ariel Spilsbury

Would you like to time travel back to Aesclepios Greece to the healing temples there to experience a direct transmission from the Inner Sanctum of Sacred Theater that was the culmination of many years of initiation?

In these Sacred Theater Rites, the actors were trained as archetypal transmitters of frequency through their embodiment of the Divine energies that were offered through them.

The Invocations from The Alchemy of Ecstasy by Ariel Spilsbury were scribed over thirty years ago as direct transmissions of archetypal vibration. Archetypal energy heals, wholes and catalyzes at levels far beyond the mental understanding of the words, which is why it was used in Aesclepios as a powerful initiation that required soul preparation.

The actors in these pieces have gratefully been trained, to varying degrees, in archetypal transmission for this purpose. As with any initiatory process, preparation is required through entering a meditative and openly receptive state to garner the transforming and catalyzing results. So make your preparations and allow yourself to be transported to Aesclepios to receive the gifts directly from the archetypes embodied here!

Invocation to The Great Mother

Invocation to the Great Mother: “I Make No Excuses” A Mythic Enactment of Divine Embrace. PLAYERS: Ariel Spilsbury
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Invocation to The Goddess of Compassion

Invocation to the Goddess of Compassion: “What is Realization?” A Mythic Enactment of Honoring Realization. PLAYERS: Zen Student: Elzbeth Gould, Tara: Kalila Doughty, Lotus Flower: Eden Amadora, Narrator: Ariel Spilsbury
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Invocation to The Priest/ess

Invocation to the Priestess: “Devotion of a Moonroot.” A Mythic Enactment of Bestowal and Consecration. PLAYERS: Senior Priestess: Kalila Doughty, Priestess #1: Ariel Spilsbury, Priestess # 2: Eden Amadora, Priestess #3: Elzbeth Gould
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Invocation to The Creator Destroyer Preserver

Invocation to the Creator/Destroyer: “See the Joke of Death?” A Mythic Enactment of Embracing the Disowned Mask of Self. PLAYERS: Steven Niclau: Death, Scott Levkoff: Birth, Wade McCullum: Life, Ariel Spilsbury: Kali Ma.
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Invocation to The Lady of Communion

Invocation to the Lady of Communion: “Mythic Enactment of the Code of Communion”. PLAYERS: Scott Levkoff: Green Man, Adam Wright: Tree Deva, Kore Taylor: Artemis, Britta Spilsbury: Unicorn, Ariel Spilsbury: Gaia
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Invocation to The Muse

Invocation to the Muse: “Fana Rapture, Muse of Whimsy” A mythic enactment of Opening to all Possibilities. PLAYERS: Divine Child #1: Wade McCullum: Divine Child #2: Amber Hartnell, Divine Child #3: Ariel Spilsbury, Divine Child #4: Adam Wright
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Invocation to The Goddess of Love

Invocation to the Goddess of Love: “A Fool’s Contrivance” A Mythic Enactment Recommitting to Living in Unconditional Love. PLAYERS: Fool #1: Ariel Spilsbury, Fool #2: Eden Amadora, Fool# 3: Elzbeth Gould: Fool #4, Kalila Doughty
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Invocation to The Primal Goddess

Invocation to the Primal Goddess: “Excitation, Breaking the Quantum Bonds”. A Mythic Enactment of Rekindling Passion. PLAYERS: Kore Taylor, Ariel Spilsbury
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Invocation to The Initiator

Invocation to the Initiator “In the Initiation of Life, As it Is that Is.” A Mythic Enactment for Releasing Fear. PLAYERS: Osiris: Scott Levkoff, Horus: See Christian Ellauri, Initiate: Elzbeth Gould, Isis: Ariel Spilsbury
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Invocation to The Wise Woman

Invocation to the Wise Woman: “Wisdom is Not What You Think!” A Mythic Enactment of Recognition and Release. PLAYERS: Crone #1 Ariel Spilsbury, Crone #2: Kore Taylor, Crone #3: Vision Dancer, Seeker #1: Steven Niclau, Seeker #2: Scott Levkoff, Seeker #3: Wade McCullum, Seeker #4: Moriah Morningstar
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Invocation to The Weaver Dreamer

Invocation to the Weaver/Dreamer: “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”. A Mythic Enactment of Conscious Dreaming. PLAYERS: Dreamer #1 Adam Wright, Dreamer #2: Kore Taylor, Dreamer #3: Bootzie Spilsbury, Dreamer #4: Scott Levkoff, Dreamer #5: Ariel Spilsbury: Spider Woman, Dreamer #6: Angela Zawada, An Awakening Dreamer
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Invocation to The Queen of Death

Invocation to the Queen of Death: ” No, No Not Death: Verb Transitive” A Mythic Enactment of Release of Inauthenticity. PLAYERS: Queen of Death: Elzbeth Gould, Alchemist: Eden Amadora, Physicist: Ariel Spilsbury, Lord of the Underworld: Steven Martin
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Invocation to The Alchemical Goddess

Invocation to the Alchemical Face, Goddess of Ecstasy: “Ecstasy: Food for the Divine” A Mythic Enactment of Taking Vows as a Priest/ess of Ecstasy. PLAYERS: Kore Taylor: Alchemist, Wade McCullum: Revelry, Amber Hartnell: Innocence, Adam Wright: Frolicker, Ariel Spilsbury: Goddess of Ecstasy.
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Sacred Theater Videos

Everyone who has been enculturated into a western mind set, literally has no reference points in which to receive this sacred theater transmission. In Aesclepios in Greece for example, people had to pass certain prior initiations in order to be allowed to witness archetypal sacred theater. So what is necessary to prepare yourself to receive this, is to meditate to get as expanded as possible energetically to open to receive this archetypal frequency offering directly as a soul or Essence Self. (You would also be served in sending your critical mind on vacation!) If you watch it solely with your ego/mind, you will just end up turning it off.

"The Weaver: A Stitch in Time" was recorded in 1999 in a ceremonial context in low light at night, which when combined with the archetypal energy that was happening, created an almost hallucinatory experience. So let go of needing to see it clearly, like a modern film, as it is coming from the darkness of the Mystery in the Divine Feminine. Even if you just close your eyes and feel the frequency of the words that are being spoken, it can still have an effect on your consciousness.

Archetypal sacred theater requires a different kind of listening… that entails staying on your consciousness surfboard in the present moment, while allowing the frequency of the transmission to penetrate you, rather than trying to mentally track and “understand” it.

If you wish to read the transmission BEFORE you see this video in preparation to more fully receive it, it is from the original manuscript of The Alchemy of Ecstasy from the Invocation to the Weaver.”A Stitch in 9 Saves Time” (The Alchemy of Ecstasy is the parent work and the holographic transmission from which The 13 Moon Oracle was distilled. )

I wish to deeply acknowledge the courageous archetypal Sacred Theater actors who took this project on and did such a brilliant job of a very difficult archetypal offering. Thank you and kudo’s to Bootzie Spilsbury, Demian Spilsbury, Kore Taylor , Adam Wright and Angie Zawada.

Finally, if you only want to watch the actual sacred theater, "The Weaver: A Stitch in Time" begins at about 33:33! The invocation of the Weaver archetype before it, starts at about 27:00. In the first 26 minutes are invocations, dance and poetry to invoke the energies and elements before we began, if that is of interest to you. Thank you Kore Taylor for the dance. Adam Wright for the Glass Bead Game poem. Angie Zawada for the bardic transmission of “The Magi and to all players for the elemental evocations! Enjoy this unique consciousness ride!”

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