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What is the Living Library?


The Living Library is my offering of a magical “snail trail” in my passing from this plane. That is to say, my living interactions in presence and unconditional Love have been the actual gift of my being alive on this planet, and in my leaving it, there will be this evanescent rainbow trail as to the path I have walked, and what I have garnered and come to know as actualized wisdom from my decades of humble service to Divine Love here. It has been a labor of Love for Argon and I to gather and film this material for over two years. I offer it to you freely and from the deepest place of Love. The offerings herein are not “professional” or polished, just “one offs” recorded straight from my heart to yours with all the flaws and imperfections of being human, pronunciation glitches, wrinkles and all! These videos are not meant to “teach” you anything. All I can actually do, is “point at the moon” with these offerings. The real work and value comes from your deepening in your own inner meditation with what has been offered through me, to ignite and discover your own truth! It is my intention that this Living Library support your soul journey and spiritual evolution. It is a repository of a life time of work in the elevation of the Divine Feminine in consciousness! These are free offerings (along with a few deeper dives in the form of full courses), that anyone (male or female) can access to deepen in their experience of awakening consciousness through a Divine Feminine lens! (Please set aside some time to explore and experience this treasure trove!) In a culture that is all about “What’s in it for me?” this Library is freely offered for the upliftment of all beings. The Mother spoke this understanding to me so eloquently: “There no giving. There is no taking. There is nothing to “get”. We are an intrinsic part of the continually circulating circuit of unconditional Love.” Genuinely understanding this simple statement will transform your life! It is in my understanding of it, that I felt deeply impulsed to create this library. May my small part of this circuit of Love, in some way touch and serve your awakening! And may it serve your path of soul unfoldment, supporting you personally and us as a Sanctuary community, in our ecstatic remembering and stepping into the power, beauty and wisdom of Sacred Feminine embodiment! To this end is this Living Library dedicated! In Eternal Love.. Your Sister.. ariel

Please take a moment to read about the inspiration for the Living Library and our founder, Ariel Spilsbury’s, personal invitation in experiencing this golden resource.


Enjoy your time in The Living Library Dear One.
It is here to nurture you as you walk your soul path, to feed and inspire your spirit to spin gold from the threads and gems you find here!


“Ariel, I just have to send you a big wave of love and gratitude for all the videos and sharings that are now up in the living library on the website. They are so incredibly valuable to me in my continued deepening with the 13 moon work. For those of us that do not live in the Bay area, its a beautiful gift to have that direct connection with you and the wisdom teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I am incredibly appreciative and grateful for your work and dedication to building this living library.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! So much Love to you.”

— Charlotte Wilson

“Dearest Ariel, Gratitude OVERFLOWING!!!! The Living Library is a most beautiful gift that completely shatters any notion of what I imagined a ‘gift’ to be in this life as I receive this through my soul.  there are no words to describe how moved I feel by this offering.

A deep, deep bow to all that flows through you.”

— Greyson Kirby

“I took in your *very much alive* Living Library and received the Calling all the Pieces Home transmission, which activated a series of events this week that offered me the opportunity to re-member fragmented parts of me on a deep cellular level. I am still amazed and humbled to witness how my life has unfolded since then. Things I never even imagined possible, that seemed stuck within me as well as in my family system, are shifting at the speed of light… There’s so much magic contained in all your creations, so incredibly powerful and potent… but these words don’t even come close to the actual experience… I bow to you for birthing these wonder-full galactic gems into this 3D reality!”

— Tinne Ayana

“Beloved Ariel
I was talking about you only the other day with a friend who knows your work but not you personally. It was such a delight to share your qualities, like humor, with her and how they resound through your materials. It is a wonderful body of work that has such depth and brilliance standing alone from everything else online. It is a tribute to your insight but also your generosity and I refer to them several times a week. You can rest assured that your work lives on across the globe in place of your person. You have made such a contribution to life… I thank you always..”

— Karen Welch

The videos below are offered to all members with the exception of four courses: Advanced Sacred Geometry, Feminine Alchemy, Principles of Inter-dimensional Sound and 13 Moon Oracle Cards In-Depth: A Consciousness Upgrade which can be purchased from these links or the ones below. If you wish to learn more, please contact Ariel at [email protected]I am offering these videos freely from my heart to yours, so if you gained benefit and it is in your joy, please make a heart offering on this button!

Thank you! Ariel

This site is offered in service to all humanity, Mama Gaia and Source. If you would like to become a sustaining member of this community and supporter of our work toward the evolution of all beings, you can learn more and join via the button to the right.

What is Alchemy and Why Should We Care?

Alchemy is simply the raising of frequency! It describes the process of transmutation of baser elements into gold. Though it alludes to the level of chemical transmutation, it is also speaking to the alchemy of turning baser elements, the nigredo of emotional distortion and shadow wounding, as it is called in Alchemy, into the gold of pure consciousness/awareness. From a simply physical viewpoint our bodies are the alchemical laboratories wherein the alchemy of transforming food into energy occurs. By analogy, we are also alchemical consciousness laboratories and so understanding the nature of Alchemy can assist us in the rapid transit transmutation of our consciousness! Much wisdom about the nature of consciousness can be garnered from simply meditating with alchemical principles in the Alchemy of Ecstasy and the 13 Moon Oracle as they are there to further elucidate the nature of those archetypes, from each discreet alchemical lens and point of view. Believe me, the alchemical principles within the Alchemy of Ecstasy and the 13 Moon Oracle are not just mental abstractions to be comprehended mentally, rather to garner the gold from the words, listen and feel in emptiness, as if these words provide a direct entryway into the mystery of alchemical transmutation, because they can do just that.

Ecstatic Discovery Videos

There was no ONE category to put all these different video’s under as each one describes a whole ecstatic arena of how to joyfully evolve your consciousness. From “Accessing the Transpersonal Witness” to “Why Does Enlightenment Have to Be Such Serious Business?”, each offering illuminates the hologram of the whole like facets of an exquisite gem refracting light! Enjoy each delicious bite of the whole enchilada!

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Using The 13 Moon Oracle Videos

Remembering that the 13 Moon Oracle represents a LIFE TIME CURRICULUM in the Divine Feminine, will help you not to feel overwhelmed by its vastness. Each offering within it, is intended to point the way to your own inner knowing. Breaking each of the different lenses that are available to enter into Her mysteries in the 13 Moon Oracle, into the smaller bites that these video’s represent, will make it much more accessible and digestible to you! Enjoy the journey into the Mystery!

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Using The 13 Moon Frequency Cards

An apriori assumption of this whole 13 Moon oracular system is that it isn’t so much the words that are transforming, but rather the Divine frequency and vibration that the words are embedded with. That is the purpose of this lensing, to break into individual frequencies, those which are specifically at work in your evolution, giving you an opportunity to sensitize to that particular vibrational frequency and thus more consciously benefit from it.

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Sacred Geometry Videos & Course

I cannot strongly enough recommend an investigation into the power of Sacred Geometry. You will have to experience it directly yourself to garner its benefits. Suffice it to say that it is much more than abstract concepts and shapes, rather it is evocative of the Divine forces of creation. Does that sound worthwhile? I encourage you to dive in!

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Sacred Theater

Therapia is what Sacred Theater was called in ancient Greece because it was considered to be “the work of the Gods”. It is a powerful medium for transformation that has mostly been lost in the morass of “entertainment” that our present culture purveys as theater. This is about the reclamation of that medium as sacred. There is an introduction and interviews with Ariel about what sacred theater is, if you wish to create a deeper container for receiving each Sacred Theater offering. Read more…

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Transmissions Of A Divine Scribe

Quintessentially speaking, a transmission is seminally different from a poem in that it is the Divine frequency that is moving through the scribe of the Ineffable, when the transmissions are spoken that is transforming. Each offering came from sitting in Silence and waiting for that powerfully catalyzing frequency to begin moving the scribe’s fingers. If you are prepared to receive it, you will palpably feel the frequency moving through your body/psyche as color, electricity, sound, light, tingles, shivers, visions, spiritual expansion with a hundred different names. Enjoy the journey!

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Mythic Lineage Transmissions

What is a Mythic Lineage? Lineage as it is held in the 13 Moon lineage, is looked at as evolutionary lines of flow as a soul. Mythic lineages are seen as gifts, talents and abilities that you developed in other lifetimes that you presently are bringing to a higher coherency, attunement and ability to demonstrate in this present lifetime. In this process, one becomes aware that the gift or talent is something that they have known before or they would not be able to demonstrate it with such ease, proficiency and effortlessness. As you become aware of these remembered lineages, you create pathways that allow you to express these gifts in the world through your unique creativity. These lineage poems were originally scribed for beings who came to remember and be initiated through that remembrance, but because archetypes are universal, they apply to more than a specific person. Note which transmissions spark remembrance in you!

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Feminine Alchemy Course

Alchemy is most simply defined as the raising of vibration. In order to do that, it looks at how to transmute shadow (unconscious material that keeps us reacting like hampsters running on a wheel.) Because of the nature of alchemy, it can accurately be called the fast track of conscious evolution. When you combine these two view points: The Divine Feminine and Alchemy, stunning revelations and insights become available to your consciousness. That is the opportunity that is being proffered with this in depth training in Feminine Alchemy. It is not a didactic, intellectual investigation. It is rather,an experiential dive into direct frequency transmissions from the Divine Feminine, held in a transmutational alchemical matrix.

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Principles of Inter-dimensional Sound Course

Many people talk about sound healing. Rare is the offering that speaks to the power of sound from an Inter-dimensional perspective. That is what this course addresses! The sound principles in the 13 Moon Oracle are often skipped over, because they, at first may seem arcane and difficult to understand. They are not. They just need some decoding and a context in which to receive them. This course is a rare opportunity to be offered that context and the in depth decoding of these powerful sound principles. For those unfamiliar with sound as an opening to consciousness transmutation. Read More…

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13 Moon Oracle Cards In-Depth: A Consciousness Upgrade

Quite simply, it is the intention of The 13 Moon Oracle, to raise your frequency and uplift your consciousness! If you ever were concerned about “groking” (totally getting) how to work with this deck to gain maximum benefit from this intention, this is a straight-from-the-horses-mouth-offering from its Divine scribe, Ariel. The 39 oracle cards are given singular attention in each video, playfully illuminating the archetypal, mythic, vibrational gifts embedded within each of the faces of the Divine Feminine!!

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If you want to deepen with any of the work listed here, consider a personal session with Ariel.

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Ariel, a few years back you helped me tremendously. I came to see you during a time when my husband was dealing with colon cancer. I had just had a baby and was incredibly scared. While meeting with you in your cabin, you called in the most amazing healing vibrational energy. I thank you and I have never forgotten it. You have brought transformational healing to many people throughout the years with your beautiful work. Thank you!

— Beth Osmer