Principles of Inter-dimensional Sound Course

An In Depth Journey from The 13 Moon Oracle


Sound is a tool of dimensional shifting, a tool for total transformation! Sound can enter any substance from molecules to galaxies to rearrange it from the inside out. Pure sound and light are literally energetic foods. Our subtle bodies metabolize these substances similarly to how our physical bodies process food. Pure sound frees and literally alters the geometric field configurations of our subtle bodies. Like different vibrational frequencies creating particular geometrical patterns of sand on a drum head, the geometries of the various bodies are changed, as the higher frequencies of sound resonate with the human field.

Awakening to our evolving potential has to do with being resonant and attuned to our divine natures. The human body is a resonant pattern and configuration of energy that can be compared to iron filings on a piece of glass. In this metaphor, Divine Source can be looked at as the magnetic bar which brings the filings into perfect coherence and balance. Sound catalyzes movement back into natural alignment with the Source. If our thoughts or emotions pull us away from our natural alignment with Source, then we may begin to manifest patterns of imbalance, confusion, disharmony, disease and we may lose a feeling of inner connectedness. We become like a light bulb that is not lit because it is not plugged in directly to the source. If we attempted to replace the iron filings with tweezers it would be an impossible task. When the body has lost its natural harmony, often we try to replace things from the outside instead of going to the Source to bring them back into natural harmony. Sound provides a natural means of returning systems into alignment, coherence and balance.

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