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A personal invitation from Ariel Spilsbury, our founder

When I was three years old, I saw a man hitting a little black and white dog with a stick making her mouth bleed. I was in horror and yanked at his pant leg to try to get him to stop. I remember feeling deeply saddened and wondering what I had done “wrong” to get sent to a place like this where such behavior was even possible. I remember thinking “These people must not even know what love is here.” Some years later at eight, I had a vision that filled me with the ecstatic feeling of unconditional love that I remembered was my true home. It was during that encounter that I knew unquestionably what I was meant to do with this lifetime. When anyone asked me after that, what I was going to do when I grew up, I would respond, “Love people.” This is indeed what I have done with this life time of seven decades in many ways and forms. What the Sanctuary in general and specifically the Living Library represents is one of those forms, providing you with a means to tap into the catalytic Divine Love that transmits through me, in the medium of words as alchemically transmuting, frequency bearers. Since I can’t be with each one of you to unconditionally love you as I would genuinely wish to do, this is as close as I can get to offering you that Divine Love whether I am in body or having transitioned from it. What I know intransmutably is that Love never dies! As souls, it is all that ever actually matters! And I know that these transmissions for which I have been an instrument and scribe are Timeless expressions of truth and perennial wisdom that never go “out of style”.

As men and women who carry both male and female aspects within, we have never been more in need of the clear and empowered voice of the Divine Feminine to guide us through the turbulent waters of the rebalancing, metamorphosis and birth that the planet is obviously going through. I humbly pray that these offerings in some small way will assist you in transmuting through joy and alchemical grace what no longer serves your own or collective evolution, awakening and liberation. To that end is the Living Library dedicated.

May we all rise and remember that Love Is the Only Reality!!

In Her Name.. In Devotion.. Ariel

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Ariel, a few years back you helped me tremendously. I came to see you during a time when my husband was dealing with colon cancer. I had just had a baby and was incredibly scared. While meeting with you in your cabin, you called in the most amazing healing vibrational energy. I thank you and I have never forgotten it. You have brought transformational healing to many people throughout the years with your beautiful work. Thank you!

— Beth Osmer

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