A Bow Of Gratitude For Giving To What You Value! Please See All The Ways You Can Contribute To The Sanctuary!


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Your gift to the Sanctuary makes a difference!
A deep bow of gratitude for giving to what you most value!
We invite you to take in the ways we are in service to the world
and ask you to consider how you might further want to support our work.
Healing the Great Divide in ourselves and our communities.
Whether our polarization is the masculine and feminine in our world, or in the realm of politics, or in the realm of masks or no-masks, all of our offerings, newsletters and events at the Sanctuary are a constant reminder that we are ONE, that we are a Family of Light holding the light of unconditional Love and Unity high in a dark time! Thank you for being a part of the work of collective transformation through participation in our various offerings!
Mystery School Transformations.
The teachings of the Sanctuary continue to be put to the test inside the intimate circles of the 13 Moon Mystery School curriculum that are being offered. Our alumni share over and over that this mystery school work has changed their lives intransmutably!
In one person’s words: I’m closer to my soul…I know WHO I AM…
“My soul was yearning for this healing. This 13 Moon Mystery School work accelerated my growth in unfathomable ways. I feel this process has brought me closer to my soul…a revelation of myself to myself. I am now more able to be with the Divine in me.
My life is transforming from the inside out….in an epic way.
The 13 Moon Divine Feminine archetypes bring clarity, revelation, insight and affirmation of the Truth of Who We Are.”
~Adele DiMarco Kious, Cleveland, Ohio
Our Impact.
The teachings of the Sanctuary continue to be put to the test through the independent “Justice” projects of our ordained Priest/esses, applying what they’ve remembered to planetary transformation.
Elana Auerbach’s Berkeley Justice & Kindness project.
Join her for many urban priestessing projects championing justice
for all beings in the East Bay!
Email her at
Vyana Reynolds: Ending sexual violence
Cynthia Edstrom: Reclaiming the rights of water in Montana
from “big bottlers”.
Argon Carrillo’s project to have materials for his anointing oils
made in small cottage industry in Mexico, for fair trade.
If YOU have a Priest/ess service project that you are offering that is creating change in the 3D world, please let us know what it is so we can include you on this list next time!
Ways You Can Give:
Becoming a Sustaining Member
To join the community of the Sanctuary of the open heart is to affirm the Divine Feminine values that exist in all human beings. The Mother said it eloquently this way:” There is no giving, there is no taking. There is nothing to ‘get’. We are an intrinsic part of the continually circulating circuit of unconditional Love.” And so we invite you to join with us in devotion to this truth, tangibly participating in this circuit through becoming a sustaining member of the Sanctuary!
A Gift of Offering a Scholarship
You can earmark monies expressly to create a scholarship for the Mystery school for someone who is deserving and in need of that gift. For those who wish to donate to this scholarship fund, 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to deserving recipients.
A Gift via Check or Online through our Website:
All gifts deposited by midnight on December 31st will be credited to 2022.
Transactions can be made on our website here:
Checks can be sent to the following address:
Sanctuary of the Open Heart, 440 N Barranca Ave #8133 Covina, CA 91723
A Gift of Stock
Gifts of appreciated securities leverage the ability to avoid certain taxes that would otherwise be paid upon their sale because the Sanctuary is a non-profit.  For more information, send us an email.
A Gift of Land
Gifts of land or real property for purposes of establishing a Goddess Temple is greatly appreciated. We’ve raised over $80,000 so far, and every bit makes a difference!
A Gift from your Donor-Advised Fund
Contact your sponsoring organization directly to recommend a distribution to support the Sanctuary of the Open Heart and/or scholarships for the 13 Moon Mystery School circles, the curriculum on which the Sanctuary is based.  (Tax ID: 80-0303354).
A Gift from your IRA Distribution
IRA distributions can be made directly to non-profits and are greatly appreciated. Instruct your IRA financial advisor to distribute your required minimum distribution to the Sanctuary of the Open Heart (Tax ID: 80-0303354).
A Gift in your Will or Trust
We can make a difference long after we’ve graduated from this lifetime by entrusting our resources to organizations with whom we align. Don’t underestimate the impact your gifts can make in the world as a legacy. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email ( We have a friendly estate planning attorney ready to assist you. Here is some sample language to assist you (although it is not legal advice):
I give {_____ percent of my estate, or description of asset, or $_______ dollars} to Sanctuary of the Open Heart, a California nonprofit corporation, California
(Tax ID: 80-0303354)
When you make a gift to the Sanctuary of the Open Heart, you stand with us in our mission to assist in the upliftment of collective consciousness on the planet through our focus on honoring and re-balancing in the Divine Feminine, Unity consciousness and Unconditional Love.
For this, we are deeply grateful. May your generosity of heart, bring you a deep sense of joy this holiday season!
Thank you for your kindness and heart.. you are deeply appreciated for your contribution to Unity and Love flourishing on the planet Earth!
A deep bow of gratitude for giving to what you most value!
In Gratitude…
Ariel, Vyana, Argon and the Sanctuary of the Open Heart
The Sanctuary of the Open Heart welcomes all forms of support and deeply appreciates financial contributions that allow for ever wider expansion of the Sacred Feminine in this world. If you are moved to support our mission and desire to make a one time donation above your regular moonly giving, or, a one time gift of support, the Sanctuary is overjoyed to receive it. All donations contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the Sanctuary, and makes the offerings of spiritual growth, support and expansion possible for beings across the globe.
We invite you to become a part of the circuit of unconditional Love that naturally and continually circulates as we fully step into its golden current. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a place where you will find heart community with whom you can thrive in that Love. We welcome you to join us as a sustaining member of the Sanctuary to share, connect and flourish in the passionate, peaceful, joy-filled world that we create together!
Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
About Us
The Sanctuary of the Open Heart, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission: We are a Sanctuary that nurtures the illumination of consciousness through honoring the re-balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, celebrating the beauty and sanctity of the natural world and the embodiment of our Essential Selves, through the Wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine. 
We are planetary midwives celebrating Unity Consciousness. Joyously following our sovereign paths, we join in unified service to Love and heart-centered awareness.
We delight in focusing on the mythic, archetypal, and soul-directed dimensions of being. We hold sacred Temple space where creativity, connectedness and cooperation vibrantly flourish. We envision stewarding physical Temples in devotion to Love. With all sentient life, we rise in Love, in peace, for nature and each other.
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