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Sanctuary of the Open Heart Soul Salons
Soul Salon ~ Creativi-Tea
July 13, 2022
If you missed the call this time around, we look forward to seeing you next time.
Dear Soul Saloners…
We had so much fun with the Soul Salon Creativity-TEA party! We started with visuals that helped determine which side of the brain was dominant for each of us. A fun visual exercise. We then showed several images of embedded perception in art.. that requires both brains to decode into the separate images. We shared about our experience with what is required for creativity to flourish in us. We committed to making more space for our creativity to be a valued part of our expression and lives. We spoke of the “dragons at the gate” (our beliefs, resistances, self judgments) of our creativity..looking at what apparently stops us from actually creating. We spoke of our sensory bombardment with phones, cell phones, texting, background running TV’s constant city noise.. that our creative circuits have become jammed and clogged where connecting with the subtle energies of our creativity becomes more difficult.. I challenged the participants in our circle to give themselves a Silence Sabbatical on a regular basis.. a TIME OUT from the linear world and technology to allow their creativity to thrive!If you couldn’t join us for this zoom call, please enjoy the after video recording!! 
                       In Delight.. ariel
Standard definitions of creativity:
The use of the imagination and original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like in order to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations …The use of imagination or original ideas to create something new; inventiveness. Creativity is taking hold of an idea, suggestion, impulse or instinct and pulling it toward you; then having
the courage to explore it to its natural end point without preconception, with an open, playful, curious, inquisitive mind.
Let’s look at those definitions more closely. For example.. are we taught how to “transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships to create new ideas, methods etc.?” On the contrary, the whole of our western education demands that we conform, comply, fit in,
follow the rules etc. with a whole reinforcement system of grades for complying with that behavior. So knowing that, how do we work our way out of the limiting cultural box we have been painted into to enter into more creative freedom and expression? To start with,
we need a major perceptual re-adjustment to begin to see that all creativity isn’t about the products of that creativity. It is about developing a strong perceptual habit of seeing life in its entirely through a creative lens! That is, for example, when was the last time you
looked at spilled milk beyond swearing and the obvious interpretation, to creatively see it as a pattern oracle of some sort? (Like a Rorschach ink blot). That is the constant perceptual invitation with genuine creativity.. to look beyond the obvious enculturated interpretation of anything to a more creative possibility.
As Einstein so brilliantly stated: “You can’t solve a problem at the level it was created.” In other words, you must take a risk.. the risk of looking foolish or stupid or non – culturally normative.. to move OUT OF THE BOX that culture has tried to keep you in since you were born! When you have your sanity and security safely all figured out, you have inadvertently and essentially blocked imagination, the penetration by the Divine, which IS novelty, which IS new creation! In the box, is the cultural matrix, the underlying belief systems that you don’t even question because it would be like asking a fish if it is in water. It is completely an assumption, as a underlying construct of that world.
Question: When was a time that you took the creative risk of looking foolish, stupid or non culturally normative with investigating a creative outcome?
Spiritually speaking, creativity is our direct connection to Source and a means of evolution of the soul. Conversely unexpressed creativity erodes the very source of our connection to divinity and the means to offer the most precious gifts of our innate being to others.
Creativity is a means for expressing the unique truth of your personal relationship with the Divine. The indelible stamp of your soul is totally unique and can only be expressed by you. Only you can co-create, with the divine, exactly what you can create. Much of your
creativity can only be accessed through your willingness to dance playfully with the unknown. The expression of your spiritual creativity amplifies mystic attunement and alignment with the divinity within you. Jose Arguelles states it like this: “The power of
poetry, dance, art, music is literally the same power as that which animates celestial phenomena such as lightening, auroras and rainbows.” Your creative acts literally put you in resonance with the powers of nature and thereby assist you in accessing your divine
blueprint as part of the whole of the natural world.
To discover the treasure box of all imagination and creativity is to consciously enter the mythic, archetypal realms. Remember in the movie “The Never Ending Story” where
Bastian had to make it to Fantasia, to fulfill his quest?…Fantasia is what the movie called the realm of archetypes, the Imaginal Realms, which is a collective repository for all creativity and a font of inspiration from which to draw creative material. So, the big question is how do we access this archetypal, mythic realm? This imaginal realm is not so
much a place as an open hearted, awe filled attitude that opens you to that energetic place/frequency. Living from a place of joy, openness, gratitude, emptiness and unconditional love naturally connects you to that energetic frequency. Spending more time
in nature certainly opens an entrance to that imaginal realm. Giving yourself the gift of silence, non-distraction from people and all electronic devices and thus creating the coherence of the energetic field you are creating in, is a pre-requisite of entrance into high
level creativity. You can see in the culture we live in, creating that kind of space is nothing short of a miracle unless you are deeply committed to your creativity flourishing.
Questions for contemplation;
Do you perceive of yourself as being a creative person? Do you think that belief can be changed? Creation is the expression of your divinity, your Creatorship. Everyone IS a creator. What do you feel might seem to stand in the way of your direct perception of that innate experience of creativity? Said simply, “In the process of creating, what might you be afraid of?” Everyone faces “dragons at the gate” of their creativity. What apparent blocks, resistances, beliefs are represented by the dragons at the gate of your creativity and the divine revelation of Self that creativity holds? Creativity is taking hold of an idea, suggestion, impulse or instinct and pulling it toward you; then having the courage to explore it to its natural end point without preconception,
with an open, playful, curious, inquisitive mind. Do you remember a time when you pulled in a creative idea or curiously explored a creative impulse without preconception or expectation? What were the results?
How committed are you to creating a sacred, coherent, quiet, beautiful space in which your creativity can flourish? What would it take to make such a space happen for yourself? What circumstances, places, times of day, colors, scents, situations seem to inspire you to
want to create? We have become so sensorily bombarded with phones, cell phones, texting, background running TV’s, constant city noise etc… that our creative circuits have become jammed and
clogged to where it becomes almost impossible to connect with subtle energies or creative inspiration. I challenge you to consider giving yourself a Silence Sabbatical for an afternoon or a weekend. Notice what happens to your inspiration and creativity.
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