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Sanctuary of the Open Heart Soul Salons
Soul Salon ~ Non-Lineari-Tea
January 4, 2023
If you missed the call this time around, we look forward to seeing you next time.
Dear Ones,
What an absolute JOY to sip a cup of Non- Lineari-TEA and mix into our brew a few others too. The 5D Custom agents let us through with our brew as we laughed our way through the chaos, crumbling and rumbling of 3D.
 We went down the rabbit hole spinning, spiraling and inspiring one another. To lighten up is En-lighten-ment. As we laugh at the cosmic joke of it all. Not needing to know is the way…..When we surrender to the Divine and let our light shine illimniating the way home to the heart.
 We stand at a crossroads as a humanity which is being asked “Do we want to continue on the same predicatable way or create a new mythic map that will awaken and guide the Mythic Self as we explore a new land. 
I wonder where we will land? 
Possibly Wonderland or is it Ever Ever Land?
If you feel called to play in this Mythic Year 2023 with the ‘Crone at the Crossroads,” aka Uma please email me or check out our web sight
It is a New Year and I am stepping more fully into this Archetype.
May you laugh, sing, dance, play in your Mythic Magical way!
To the Victory of love!
Sarah Uma
Here is a Joy Jolt to start your day:
Joy does not arrive with a fanfare, 
on a red carpet strewn with the flowers of a perfect life.
Joy sneaks in, as you pour a cup of coffee,
watching the sun hit your favourite tree, just right.
And you usher joy away,
because you are not ready for it. 
Your house is not as it must be,
for such a distinguished guest.
But joy cares nothing for your messy home, 
or your bank-balance,
or your waistline, you see.
Joy is supposed to slither through the cracks of your imperfect life,
that’s how joy works.
You cannot invite her, you can only be ready when she appears.
And hug her with meaning,
because in this very moment, 
joy chose you.
Donna Ashworth
Soul Salon Non-Lineari-TEA party!
The dictionary definition of non-linearity is: not denoting, involving, or arranged in a straight line, not linear, sequential, or straightforward; random. Like “Joyce’s stream-of-consciousness, nonlinear narrative”.
Mathematics; involving measurement in more than one dimension.
Non-linear means that something does not progress or develop smoothly from one stage to the next in a logical way. Instead, it makes sudden changes, or seems to develop in different directions at the same time.
If that doesn’t describe where we are right now on Earth I don’t know what does. We have been conditioned and functioning in a linear/rational Newtonian model for centuries now, that has been a straight line leading us to the brink of ecocide. Looked at through a much more expansive lens, it can be perceived that we are fast approaching a more fifth dimensional, non-linear model of evolution that is constantly changing and far from predictable. It is getting to be more like Wonderland every day, where linear predictability is just not in the game design anymore. So the big question is how do we manage that profound shift of gameboards?
Q: What are your strategies to deal with the unpredictability and chaotic appearance of our present predicament that will allow us to shift gameboards with more grace?
Where we find ourselves right now on planet Earth is in an accelerated pattern of “grow or die” with the necessity of rapid adaptation to change now becoming literally a survival tool. That is, rather than adaptation taking centuries to work itself out, we are being pushed into an adaptive process that Illa Prigogine, a physicist, called, Dissipative Structures, wherein a system was observed to go into chaos just before it evolved into a higher level of order. That is a adaptive way of looking at the apparent disorder of the chaos we are a part of. To see it as a stage just prior to moving into a higher level of order, (rather than just random chaos) allows for us to adapt more quickly, consciously choosing to change those aspects of our structures, function or behavior which have become mal-adaptive and destructive to the eco-system, to the whole that we are embedded in and intrinsically a part of as human beings.
Q: What aspect of your/our behavior, structures or function can you own as being mal-adaptive and destructive to the eco-system and thus in the end, to ourselves?
To frame this issue of rapid change in an even larger container, we could look at it as a collision that is presently occurring between our emerging non-linear, fifth dimensional selves and our preconceived predictable third dimensional ego selves and the resultant jolting crash and crunching sound may be being experienced as anything but pleasant! Let’s say we are experiencing a wee bit of dimensional friction. In short, our expanded Essence selves are beginning to dispassionately remove everything in our lives that does not support the full manifestation of our Essence. At the same time, we are beginning to take baby steps to integrating our more non-linear, fifth dimensional expression, while mostly still using our third dimensional minds and egos to “make choices” and decisions rather than taking action that is based on the more expanded information that is encoded in our feelings. The ego/mind has you believing that you must “make choices” which only slows the natural process of grace that is inherent to surrender to the Divine Self. Rather than learning to follow the natural flow of non-linear synchronicities that are intrinsic to living in alignment with the Divine Self, you have learned to try to control events in linear time that are orchestrated solely by your ego. Granted, the illusion on the screen of life looks real enough and scary enough to the ego to give it “reasons” to grasp and control decisions that seem to affect the apparent sequencing of events in your life.
  In order to assess whether the ego/mind is in the drivers seat or not, ask yourself this one question, “Is my life flowing easily, joy fully, gracefully?” If the answer is “No”, be willing to look at the possibility that you are still functioning primarily with the third dimensional belief system that your life is a series of linear decisions based on struggle and trying to control that which, in truth, cannot be controlled.. the eternal flow of perfection in the Divine Self. The ego naturally defends its position with statements like “Don’t be absurd, you can’t go around not making decisions about your life; you’ll end up on the street.”
  If you are willing to move through the ego’s resistance, then the only pivotal question to answer is: “How do I surrender more fully to my Divine Self?” The answer is of course, simple. You simply stop resisting and follow the natural flow that is brought to your life, like floating down a river. You become alert and conscious of divine guidance that comes in many forms such as comments that are made around you that show you where the next bend in the river is taking you or images on line or in books that are identical to those seen in dreams etc. etc etc.. In short, you wake up, get conscious and recognize what the Divine has always been offering you through Grace. You learn to listen to and follow the impulses held in feelings. These are all non-linear processes! The Divine Self is constantly alerting you to possibilities that would serve you through strong feelings. Feelings are direct access points to the inner knowing of the Divine Self. Learn to pay attention to and act on those impulses and feelings. (Feelings are not emotions. Emotions are a secondary reaction to someone or something else, feelings are a primary internal response or heart-knowing that serves as a spiritual compass and guidance system. )
Q: How are you working with the process of surrender/control in your life? How is that evolutionary growth outpicturing in your life?
  Surrender does not mean unconsciously waiting around with some vague hope that something wonderful will happen. Surrender is a cultivated attitude of wakefulness, mindfulness.. a willingness to pay attention to the directives of the Divine Self. Surrender is the opposite of giving up or giving over ones power to another. In true surrender the ego consciously chooses to turn over focus and stewardship to the Divine Self, which knows beyond the linear mind’s limited ability to perceive beyond how it thinks things “should” be, based on decisions which have been made in the past.  This shift in positions in consciousness is no small thing. It is a quantum shift, to consciously choose to embrace the model of surrender rather than control. That I surrender more fully into my Divine Self ,is my singular prayer each day. Everything else naturally flows from that single conscious choice. 
          As you learn to trust your heart-knowing in this surrender process, you begin to feel where or what is appropriate to do or explore next. Life becomes an exciting adventure. When your ego, emotional body or mind freak out with conflicting “rational” information that is drawn from our dying third dimensional reality base, soothe them like a child. Learn to talk to your ego/mind lovingly and gently. It is just afraid it will be out of a job if you surrender to the Divine Self. Reassure it lovingly that it is coming along for this transformational ride too and then move on with intuitively perceived guidance.
 Understand that the mind is perceiving two completely different sets of perceptions about reality which appear to be colliding head on. The Divine Self will casually say, “Hey, I see what needs to happen for you to come into alignment with your divinity and I think this is the simplest and best way to handle this change at this time”; meanwhile the third dimensional ego/mind and emotions are screaming, “Oh, no. Everybody is going to think I am crazy, irresponsible, reckless, that I’m a flake because.. blah blah blah.” Your Divine Self says “Ok, break some patterns kick and scream if you must, but then we ARE moving forward in trust and surrender. The only real choice there is, is timing. You have just forgotten that the fact that you are here now, predisposes that you have already made a choice that you are now simply playing out.
       The cognitive dissonance in the mind comes from the fact that we are moving from a linear realm where personal will is how everything has gotten done, into a non-linear fifth dimensional realm of total surrender and trust in your divinity as the “doer”. The only way we will learn to trust the crazy, non-linear whisperings of our fifth dimensional comprehension and knowing is to trust our feelings , and leap, observing that we don’t go “splat” when we move into this new territory of the Unknown. Using our third dimensional minds to try to “figure out” how to operate with the fifth dimensional information and frequencies that are now showering us, will keep us functioning as third dimensional beings because we will be implying to the Universe, merely by the type of functioning in our consciousness, what we value the most.. and so will get more of the same of what we are thinking about and focusing on. Is there any way out of this apparent conundrum? I think Alice found it in the rabbits hole. Have any of you found it yet?                     
In this evolutionary process we are engaged with, we are becoming fluid, non-linear, constantly evolving open systems. Could stepping into the fifth dimension be this easy?
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