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Sanctuary of the Open Heart Soul Salons
Soul Salon ~ Ambigui-Tea
September 4, 2021
Dear Ones..
Please enjoy this exploration on Ambigui-Tea. There is no recording for this event.
In Delight.. your sister ariel
From the dictionary meaning of ambiguity:
The quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness, something that can be understood in more than one way. An unclear, indefinite, or equivocal word, expression, meaning.
Does that sound at all to you to be a description of where we are living about now on planet Earth? We are living the definition of ambiguity in the extreme! Let’s tease that definition apart. While most everyone is passionately holding an either-or-position (mostly to feel more safe) they are missing the “quality of being OPEN to more than one interpretation” that ambiguity champions. There has never been a time where the ability to stay open to more than one interpretation was more needed than now. To remain listening to possibility and not shutting off, saying “I already have the answer and I’m going to close down to any contrary information and defend my position.” So in spiritual essence it is the remaining neutrally OPEN that is important. So in essence that is a form of what the culture calls ambiguity. From that point of openness, then we can open to the bigger view that allows us to make internal moment by moment decisions based on what is true at that time, in that moment.
 So is ambiguity something to be avoided? That depends on your intention. That is to say, if your intention in being ambiguous is inexactness (distortion), unclarity, equivocalness then “yes” avoid ambiguity.. because then it is used to deliberately confuse and confound. We have all seen ambiguity used this way in the political arena. However if your intention is to assist others in staying open to understanding something in more than one way, then ambiguity can be helpful. For example, would you consider metaphors to be ambiguous? They definitely fit in the definition of having the quality of being open to more than one interpretation, or meaning and can be understood in many different ways. Used in that way ambiguity has a positive intention.
  So rather than pretending that it has the only answer, ambiguity can serve others in coming to their own answers and conclusions. While I was writing The Alchemy of Ecstasy, many things, when I would read them after scribing them would seem ambiguous. I inquired about that a lot, because I didn’t want anything that I wrote to unconsciously mislead or misdirect anyone spirtually. What I came to understanding after four years of writing in this way as a divine scribe, was that the holographic and metaphorical nature of the writing provided a more open canvas on which people could see/feel/know and discover their own answers from within. This approach took the intention away from dogma, (the idea that there is only one “right” way to interpret anything)..and into the more poetical realm of the Mystery that doesn’t intend to inform you so that you “know”..rather only to open you to receive the Divine directly.
  So is there a case for inexactness? In a culture whose “science” has taken left brained exactness and linear definition into the realm of planetary eco-cide, I would say that there is a strong case for stepping more into the right brain, into the more amorphous, inexact, feeling realms that can’t be quantified. Music, art, dance, artistic, creative expression of all kinds would qualify as an inexact or ambiguous kind of expression. That which brings our passionate feeling response is what has been missing from the exclusively “scientific” approach that doesn’t include consciousness or feelings as a part of its model. It is that singular imbalance that is bringing the planet to the edge of extinction. So I would say there is definitely a strong case for inexactness, ambiguity, poetry, art, metaphor, feelings.. the feminine, to bring us back into harmony with life as a whole which is both ambiguous and not ambiguous.
Questions for investigation:
How are you doing at remaining open to more than one interpretation of any position that it is necessary to make a decision around?
How do you stay open when you want to slam shut and hold a polarized position of feeling “right”?
When do you consciously use ambiguity? and How?
Do you consider poetry to be ambiguous?
Vitali-Tea October 6 at Noon Pacific
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