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Sanctuary of the Open Heart Soul Salons
Soul Salon ~ Subtle-Tea
August 4, 2021
Dear Ones..
Today’s Soul Salon was such a delight! We are becoming an amazing heart community! To witness the joy I felt in seeing each of your faces come into view as we started and the heart sharing and support, touched me deeply. Thank you for making time in your world to participate in these circles! Our inquiry as to how our bodies inform us about subtle cues that are mostly missed, was fascinating. There are SO many ways our bodies are constantly informing us! We talked about how we can develop our ability to perceive subtlety which mostly came down to 1) slowing down, 2) becoming adoring present and 3) simplifying awareness. Let’s keep developing our subtle sensing until our next Soul Salon!  For those of you watching the video recording, Enjoy! And ask yourselves, “How can I cultivate the subtlety of my perception”?    
In Delight.. your sister ariel
The dictionary definition of subtlety: the quality or state of being subtle:
synonyms:delicacy, delicateness, subtleness, elusiveness, faintness, understatedness, understatement, mutedness, softness, astuteness, keenness, acuteness, fineness, sharpness, razor-sharpness, sharp-wittedness, canniness, shrewdness, perceptiveness, perceptiondiscernmentsensitivitydiscriminationpenetrationpercipienceperspicacity, perspicuity, acuitysagacitywisdomclevernessintelligence, skillfulness, skill, artfulness, dexteritybrightnessfinesse, informal:savvy, rare:sapience, ingenuitycleverness, skillfulness, expertiseadroitnesscomplexityintricacyguile, craftiness, wiliness, artfulness.
 What I find interesting in this dictionary definition is the apparent polarity of the meaning from delicacy, elusiveness, mutedness to sharpness, acuity, cleverness. Within the word “subtlety” is the paradox of apparent opposites being peacefully held in the same container. Especially in regard to expression, in language, in art, in nature, subtlety is a stock-in-trade necessity to full expression or reception. Metaphorically speaking one is not working with a full pallet of colors as an artist or a language user without subtlety, with its attending acute perception of nuances in tones, patterns, intentions and the refined emotional intelligence that the perception of subtlety requires. 
 One can’t speak about subtlety of perception without simultaneously speaking of sensitivity as one is required for the other to exist. It requires sensitivity to perceive the more subtle and delicate aspects of communications, art, transactions in the natural world. That sensitivity can come in the form of heightened perception through all the senses, that combine to form a perception that is many layered and thus subtle. Subtlety demands attunement at more and more refined levels of awareness. Attunement requires acute perception of the subtle: listening, feeling, sensing, smelling, seeing, tasting. Like listening to hear whether a string is out of tune, one must have the ability to tune out other static or distractions in order to deeply tune into the particular sound. When listening to a symphony you may hear the overall musical composition while simultaneously perceiving the feeling tone that is being struck in your being that moves you so deeply. Depending on the level of subtlety of perception and the sensitivity you have developed, you may even see the colors that the discreet sounds make on your inner eye awareness. When you are hearing a conversation, you might get a stomach ache, which is informing your subtle senses and emotional intelligence that something is “off” though you may not be able to exactly mentally define what that is. Your sensitivity and perception of subtlety, inform your awareness, that will then shape it into whatever needs to happen to get clarity about what is actually going on.
   If you have not discovered the necessity of slowing down and becoming ardently, adoringly present in nature, perceiving subtlety will escape you. Just remember how present you felt when you were deeply in love with something or someone.. hanging on their every word or movement, longing to perceive the deeper more subtle aspects of what they communicated. That is the essence of having a love affair with nature. For Her to reveal Her exquisite beauty, mystery and subtlety, she must be regarded and attended to with reverence, devotion, awe. The Divine Feminine embodies beauty, subtlety and mystery.. actually touching the inexpressable, the unknowable. If you want to deepen with the feminine aspect, to develop your ability to perceive subtlety is tantamount to entering the mystery of beauty.
So how do we develop our ability to perceive subtlety?                           
For me, subtlety comes into perception first through simplifying, removing any distractions or mental complications to perceiving something in its most quintessential essence. After that process of simplifying, I tune into the more metaphorical, symbolic aspects of anything or anyone to which I am paying attention. The eyes of a mystic innately see presently and simply, the nature of things as they are, in what Is. Once that perception is fully taken in, to enrich its potential artistic dimension, scope and expression, one can look at the symbolic or metaphorical aspects of the thing, noticing how things are embedded in each other in the larger pattern in which they are connected as One.
 How do YOU cultivate subtlety?
Ambigui-Tea September 1st at Noon Pacific
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Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
Sanctuary of the Open Heart
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