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Dear Book Sacrament partakers…
  What a joy to be with you on this adventure with the sacramental aspect of books! Such a delight to grow together through looking through these discreet lenses of each book! Today we deepened with Catherine MacCoun’s book On Becoming an Alchemist. At the very least i hope you really sit with the synthesis again and deepen with the basic principles she puts forth.. and of course to read the whole book if it really moved you!!
  We did a fun round today on what each of our personal “styles” are as spiritual beings. We deepened around the development of subtle senses such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.. to look at what it takes to develop those more subtle senses. **I am attaching the 13 Moon Mystery School document of Channels of Perception that i promised with the various subtle senses at the top of each one of the channels. I hope it will help to clarify what you are working with developing as Alchemists.
  It was obvious in our conversation that the need to be able to bring your mind to one pointed focus is very important in this process. In a culture that is doing everything it can to distract and fracture your attention, it is a miracle to be able to do this simple first step of any alchemica; transmutation. So that would be the practice this moon… to use whatever means to bring your attention to one pointed focus.. Several were suggested, such as Empty Presence with a candle flame, mantra, mala beads etc. Develop your own best practice to rivet your attention on one thing!!
 We noted that our next book title for Books as Sacrament will be David Korten’s book Change the Story, Change the Future and Gaia’s New DreamCoat by Ariel Spilsbury…(You can order it through my website ) Looking at cultural transformation through two very discreet lenses. Also i recommended highly Ishmael by Daniel Quinn as another clear look at the story that has gotten us into the present mess we are in as a cultural collective. This is an illuminated look at our present cultural story so we can choose to change it!!.
  Until we meet again in sacred community!!
In Devotion.. your sister.. ariel

Channels to Reclaiming Your Innate Connection with the Divine
By Ariel Spilsbury
Channel 1: Empath/Feeling/Sensing Channel. (Subtle sense: Clairempathic)
 This is the primary channel and access route to the emotional body. It can be accessed through conscious merging with an “other” to experience and feel what they are feeling. The hallmarks of this channel are acute sensitivity, openness, vulnerability and depth of feeling. This channel often opens spontaneously in states of crisis, illness, ecstasy and devotion. This channel is activated through learning to open, breath and then “tune up” to the frequency and energy pattern of “another”. To sensitize this channel, one can follow a person’s breath pattern for a time, and then feel into what they are feeling. The challenge of this channel is to be able to sort out which feelings are yours and which are someone else’s without becoming overwhelmed, ill or upset in the process. Learning skills of discernment and transmuting energy are imperative to this channel and process!
Channel 2: Kinesthetic Channel. (Subtle sense: Clairsentient and with hands Clairtangent )
The kinesthetic adept utilizes the access route of the physical body as its channel. This channel is accessed through physical movement of all kinds. Kinesthetic channels often trance dance, run or move into ecstatic dance states to access this channel of information. Body work is a prime example of this channel to intuitive information. This type of channel literally feels or senses information in various parts of their bodies. The hallmark of this channel is perceptual sensitivity to nuances of movement and an ability to access the information held in tactile contact and textural perception. This channel is often first accessed through touch that acknowledges opens and nurtures. This channel is activated through holding a perception that the body is a wealth of information that never lies. Activation can occur through scrutinizing observation of the subtle messages and cues that the body is constantly broadcasting. To sensitize this channel, dance, run, walk, swim, do tai chi, chi gong, yoga, love making or sacred mudras. The challenge of this channel is not to take others physical problems on as you own.
Channel 3: Mental Channel. (Subtle sense: Claircognizant)
This is the primary channel and access route of the mental body. This channel is accessed through one pointed mental focus of various sorts. It brings to bear, the small mind in its higher intended function in accessing clarity through a responsively open, yet intensely focused meditational practice. The hallmark of this channel is a sensitivity to highly symbolic and abstract patterns of information. It is about thought as revelation rather than mentation. This information often expresses as an interest in geometrical patterns, mandalas and metaphorical/symbolic images as means for accessing extremely abstract information. Higher mathematics, chess and other symbolic games are a means of training this channel. This channel is activated through the conscious relaxing and releasing of previously developed mental patterns of control. In this process one can learn how to relax and then “beam in” the focus of the mind like a laser, until it paradoxically expands to access a much larger pattern of perception and perspective. The challenge of this channel is to learn not to use the small ego/mind to “figure it out” conclude, process or over interpret data with the rational mind alone, rather to utilize the much more vast powers of the integrated left and right brain of Higher Mind, as it is tapped into the “main frame computer” of Universal knowing through the means of Emptiness. (Dolphins and whales have this whole brain functioning.)
Channel 4: Olfactory Channel. ( Subtle sense: Clairsalient)
This is the primary channel and access route of the astral body. This is the channel that is accessed through smells. The access point to this channel is carried on the breath and in scents of all kinds. Multi-dimensional awareness and remembrance is often carried on this channel. If a smell wafts in during a session, pay close attention to the astral channel because often times, a particular archetypal energy or dis embodied being is contacting you through this means. The hallmark of this channel is a deep sensitivity to smells. This channel is activated through conscious breathing techniques and sensitizing oneself to the intuitive information encoded in smells. Sitting or walking in nature with the intentional focus of smelling your reality.. (like being blindfolded and led by someone else) can greatly enhance this channel. Aroma therapy and auro soma are other means to sensitizing this channel. The challenge of this channel is to be able to sort out the source, intention and accuracy of the incoming information from the astral realms. To do this requires developing a validation system that works for you.
Channel 5: Gustatory Channel. (Subtle sense: Clairgustant )
This is another aspect of the physical body channel, though it is often sub-atomic in nature. This channel is accessed through taste. This is often called the channel of “tasting the divine nectar” and is often a meditative, non physical experience, though sometimes it can be very literal. Like smell,, taste offers information of a timeless nature, bridging times and places with remembrance and access points to dimensionality. The hallmark of this channel is acute sensitivity to the information encoded in the sensation of taste. This channel is often associated or cross referenced with the channel of smell. (called synesthesia or cross sensing, smelling colors or tasting sounds for example). This can develop through holding an intention to have that experience. A sensitivity to this channel can be develop through conscious cooking and eating of food. This channel is often activated in the midst of deep emotions or ecstatic, joyful states. The challenge of this channel is to be able to experience the depths of ones feelings and emotional experiences, participating in creating and experiencing joyful and ecstatic states, yet remaining available as a channel to receive clear intuitive information.
Channel 6: Auditory channel. (Subtle sense: Clairaudient) (Inspiration)
 This is the primary channel of the etheric or spiritual body. This is the intuitive knowing that is received directly through perceiving and following the internal sound and light currents. The hallmark of this channel is a heightened sensitivity to auditory phenomenon, sound and light pulses and frequency shifts. Channels who function clearly on this channel often hear voices which offer specific divine guidance. More rarely, auditory channels may hear and follow abstract sound currents that lead them to multi-dimensional feeling currents which are encoded with intuitive information. This channel is activated through toning, sounding, crystal bowls, acute meditational listening to the inner kria sound currents (nada). A sensitivity can be developed to this channel through conscious listening to music or the sounds of nature. The challenge of this channel is not to become overwhelmed with auditory imput and to develop a validation system to check and sort out the source, intent and validity of the voices or auditory imput one hears.
Channel 7: Visual Channel. (Subtle sense: Clairvoyant ) (imagination)
This is a combination channel often found as a channel in beings who have had a focus and developed the various channels for many lifetimes. If you “SEE” on the inner planes (being a Seer), images float across ones inner screen, often unbidden or when one is relaxed and not focused. This channel is accessed through simple reception and direct transmission of light essence, light pulses, color which begin to focus into more specific images. The hallmark of this channel is a heightened sensitivity to light, color, sound and imagery. Channels who function primarily on this channel see the guidance that the Divine is moving through them in visual or symbolic and often geometrical images. This channel is activated by developing a meditational focus that energizes the awakening of the third eye. A sensitivity to this channel can be developed through deeply exploring ones creative abilities. The challenge of this channel is to determine which of the panoply of images offered on the inner screen are relevant to the present query (as there are often many more images than would be useful to describe to a querient, one must learn to discern intuitively which ARE relevant.)
Channel 8: Overview Channel. (Subtle sense: Claircognizant)
This is the primary channel of the Causal body, the “ I Am” Essence Self. This channel sees in sweeping, large holographic overview patterns of perception. This channel is accessed through expanding ones vision to include larger and larger patterns. (Journey work can often open this more holographic perspective of reality.) You can start to develop this skill by asking the question “How are these apparently unrelated symbols or events connected?” Being able to access overview patterns is a primary entrance gate to more expanded realities. This channel can be activated through open ended meditation entering into the Void or conversely through intense meditational focus on mandalas or other meditational focus. In which ever meditational practice, one reframes any images which are received into more expanded, inclusive gestalts or patterns. A sensitivity to this channel can be experienced through developing an ability to change positions in the hologram, seeing any given perception, event or thing from myriad different possibilities and perspectives. The challenge of this channel is to bring this extremely abstract information into a language that can be expressed and communicated to others. Often times this type of channel will utilize the more metaphorical nature of poetry or art to express such abstract overview material.

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