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Friday, September 16, 2022
Dearest Ones..
  Today we were deepening in the 13 Moon Oracle as a divination system, by looking at “answers” to questions in a more holographic way so as to broaden potential divine responses. This is an on going skill building process that we will work on each time we meet.. to begin to “see/feel/know” in a more holographic, non linear way so as to allow the Divine to respond outside of the limitation of answers coming solely from the linear ego/mind. 
The two oracle query’s we took to look at today were: 
1) What plant medicine wants to work with me?
2) During the next 20 day cycle of being in the center of the Mayan Tzolkin, the central column, what is it that each of us most needs to align with to garner maximum benefit of this time in the sacred calendar? 
1) We had varied responses from nutmeg to sage and ginger, to the color of pomegrante, cinnamon, marajuana, peyote… the cards we drew indicated making a focus of aliveness, passion, vitality which would lead us to that plant medicine that was perfect for our spiritual unfolding. Someone had drawn the unknown card whose geometry ..the dodecahedron is the exact shape of a peyote plant bud.. which was a strong confirmation of that possibility. 
2) With what should be align during this next 20 day cycle? 
We saw an overview pattern amongst us of hunger/emptiness/satisfaction. Each of our cards pointed toward what specifically we each needed to align with at this time. From harmonizing, to transmutation, to integrity/vulnerability, working with water, working with fire in the belly, cleansing, clarity, natural immunity 
Thank you so much each of you for being a part of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart community and supporting these investigations into our soul journey.. in this case The Divinatory Circle! 
May your Fall Equinox be blessed in celebration and gratitude of the rich harvest of Love that we share!       
In Devotion.. ariel
Our next 13 Moon Divination is on October 21, 2022 at 12PM PST
{Please register to receive the recording if you can’t attend}
What is an Oracle?
Doing Divinations.. Oracles.
By Ariel Spilsbury
Doing an oracle or divination is a time-honored process of tuning into the deeper parts of ourselves to receive guidance and wisdom. Oracles or divination works with astonishing accuracy simply because all things are connected, even when they may appear not to be. The oracle or divination becomes a bridge to assist you in finding the connection between your concern or question and its “answer” or insight. An oracle is simply a vehicle for directly connecting your inner knowing to the wisdom of the larger Cosmos. Oracles and divination assist you in tapping into that vast resource.
To divine means to know directly. In divination in its purest form, there is nothing between you and direct knowing. There is no mental interface. We have been trained from birth in western culture “to know” and understand the world almost solely with the rational mind. The priest/ess is an archetype that reminds us that there are other ways to “know” that have nothing to do with cognitive understanding or knowledge.
To access this type of awareness, s/he learns to dwell in the temple of “ I Am Not”. This is the fecund Void of the Mother, the place of emptiness, the place of not knowing. That is to say, the priest/ess gives up the need to have a ready answer in her mind, in order to be available to the subtle wisdom of Universal Mind that can only be accessed in the moment, from the Emptiness of the Void. S/he becomes a divine
tool of the Mystery, that the impressions of the divine might leave a signet in the soul of those who participate in her empty presence. As the priest/ess sits in meditation with any querier, impressions may become intuitively available through the empty channel to the light that s/he has fine-tuned in the Temple of I Am Not. Thus, a strong function s/he holds is communicating and translating those abstract symbols and
impressions as an oracle of the stillness and silence. In this s/he is a Diviner.
What makes the 13 Moon oracle unique is that it is designed to operate like a tuning fork, as a vibrational transmitter of divine vibration, that naturally tunes you to your own expanded frequency as Essence and thus to your inner guidance! In a world that is always demanding readymade answers from the mind, this deck is designed for you
to tap into the answers that your heart and soul voice always know, as you simply slow down, listen/feel in open receptivity within. The trick to
“hearing/seeing/feeling” your guidance is the willingness to get empty and be open and receptive, so that you can recognize that the answers you seek don’t come from the mind in linear words, rather, they ARISE from stillness and silence inside your heart and belly in the form of images, feelings, impressions, symbols, colors, sounds, body wisdom, scents, intuitions or impulses that lead you in a particular direction.
That is the way of the Divine Feminine, feeling ones way along piece by piece to recognize the larger picture that finally emerges from all the small brush strokes of guidance that are received in each clue along the way. Each of the images of the different faces of the Divine Feminine within the 13 Moon deck, will give you a rich context and a starting point in which to tap into your own inner knowing.
A feminine way of accessing Emptiness is called “open-eyed” meditation, that is, becoming completely, joyfully absorbed in being with something so that the mind naturally stops its chattering. It is then able to perceive the beauty of “What Is” and thus the “information” intrinsic to being fully present in the present moment. You might want to start your “open-eyed” meditation with these cards by fully focusing
on the golden light around a candle flame or listening in rapt, focus to a piece of music that you deeply love, something that commands your whole attention. Please make sure before you start your oracle reading, that you will not have any distractions. You may wish to get a good pair of earplugs. In our over stimulated, quick moving, sensorily bombarded western world, we have been trained to keep moving “productively” and wanting instant results; thus we have become too impatient for the Mystery to reveal itself to us as guidance. Feelings/intuitions move
more slowly than thoughts. If we don’t stop and consciously empty out, we become numb and our circuits become clogged to sensing subtle energies and “hearing” our soul voice or inner guidance. Using this oracle is a joyful training in “listening” to the awareness, insight and guidance that naturally pours through any card that you choose, as you empty yourself and become fully present, such that you are able to
hear/feel/sense the wisdom you already hold in your expanded Essence! When you are empty, focus on the breath, breathing at least three deep breaths to relax and open your ordinary, fast paced, mentally conditioned way of seeing. Then, simply shuffle the deck and start by choosing one card. To assist in moving out of your ordinary way of perceiving, as you look at anything in the room, allow your vision to go blurry and out of regular focus. (You might start by looking at your nose for a moment, letting your eyes go unfocused.) Breathe and slow down even more, taking in more through all your senses. You will know you are in a state of Emptiness when you feel clear, expanded, open, receptive, like the feeling of entering the enlivening smell of a pristine, mountain pine forest. Once you are in open receptivity, begin by fully “taking in” the image on the card with relaxed, unfocused vision, not
thinking about it, or trying to know what it “means”, but rather “feeling into it”, letting it directly, vibrationally inform your feelings, your intuition, your body wisdom, your inner knowing. As you are relaxed holding no expectations, often an image, color or symbol will naturally arise from your belly or heart area. Just make note of it, without trying to “figure it out” or understand it mentally. In the 13 Moon system there are no right or wrong answers, just what arises in each moment as your
For more of an in depth exploration of this subject get the purse sized 13 moon deck which has in depth information on how to do an oracle reading.
This temple in a box kit includes: a Guide book, Moon Board, oracle throwing tokens, a set of 39 cards and 4 CD’s with 13 journeys into the 13 Faces of the Divine Feminine.
This set offers a direct, divine portal into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine!
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