Amadora’s In-person 13 Moon Initiation Circle & Priestess Training – Gathering Now For July 2020


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Amadora’s In-Person 13 Moon Initiation
Circle & Priestess Training
From Ariel Spilsbury, Founder of this Mystery School Lineage:
Amadora is my hope for the future of the 13 Moon Mystery School, as she is the only being who is now transmitting it, as it was originally given to me by Divine Mother as an in-person, live transmission training from the Mystery for 13 moons. I am deeply grateful that this Mystery School tradition will live on after my transition!
In Devotion… Ariel
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The temple gates are open. We begin the journey this July 2020 for 13 Moons of deep soul diving together. If you are ready to embark on a journey into the feminine mysteries that will dismantle the shields around your heart, touch and retrieve long dormant parts of you that have been crying out to you to remember your magic and true power as love, come! The candles are lit for you.
We are SO needed now to activate our remembrance and stay heart centered in our spiritual sovereignty. This great awakening is happening and for those courageous ones who are ready to rise as activists of compassion and step forward, speaking truth as lion hearted leaders of love- this is a potent training for you to strengthen your center and rise!
The most beautiful part is that you do not have to do it alone. This is about us. A potent circle is forming of devoted priestess. Many of them are coming back through to deepen on a path of ordination. These are women who are here to hold you and lift you up. Are you called to join us? 
If you are ready to step through fear to feel your shakti rise and catalyze true growth that will burn away illusions, small stories and stagnation, come. If you are ready to alchemize ancestral wound patterns, feel a change down to your very DNA as you crack open and blossom, shed layers and return to your luminous essence light and inherent wholeness as an embodiment of HER… then come! This invitation is for you.
If you are feeling this call resonating in the depths of your being, then I invite you to step onto this alchemical path.
This is not just another invitation.
This is not just another women’s circle.
It is an alchemical cauldron of transformation. 
This is a call to the one who remembers, to your soul aligned listening, to the Holy Rebel that lives in your heart that is no longer willing to play small and silent, the part of you that is longing for radical change within and knows that you are a part of the feminine leadership needed to change the outpicturing of life on this planet and bring the balm of compassion for all.
Are you ready to step across a threshold that will empower your life forever?
  • Are you ready to fully inhabit your body as a sacred and divine temple with the fullness of your essence?
  • Are you seeking a path that enables you to have a direct experience of the power and beauty of the Divine Feminine as she lives through you?
  • Are you ready to step into your greater mythic story and show up in your wholeness and empowered presence in your relationships?
  • Are you ready to transmute the illusion of shame, scarcity and separation in your life?
  • Are you done going around and around with the same stories of struggle, the same pain tapes, the same programs and shadow patterns that have kept you stuck and small?
  • Are you ready to dismantle long seated beliefs about how hard it is and how long it takes to change?
If you are, then I welcome you to this temple of homecoming and soul remembrance.
I welcome you back to an archetypal portal of quantum leaps.
I welcome you into your remembrance of who you truly are.
I am Eden Amadora. Few things give me as much joy as stewarding a coherent field for radical transformation as a focalizer in the Divine Feminine Mysteries. After 10 years of personal initiations in the 13 Moon Mystery School where I have been trained and ordained and co-lead circles with my mentors, Ariel Spilsbury and Elayne Kalila Doughty – I now enter my fourth cycle of holding the gates open for initiates to sit in my temple. I am devoted to training leaders and teachers on the path of soul embodiment and leadership as love. 
Reach out to me soon to save your place in this circle. Space is limited.
Participation in the circle is by application and interview only. There are only a few spots left now. Follow the link below if you feel a quickening in your heart, sister…
The 13-Moon Mystery School Initiation Circle is a gateway to return home to your empowered presence and truth. This is an in-person priestess training, an initiatory path within a circle of sacred of sisterhood. This alchemical offering is a portal of quantum healing and deep love that provides a coherent container where miracles can happen.
Come receive the gift of awakening your own priestess channels of perception, trusting your Divine transmission, engaging in sacred feminine ceremonies and empowering yourself with embodied priestess practices.
This upcoming circle will have a special focus on embodiment and leadership as love.
Your sister in the great dawning of the triumph of love,
~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
I am devoted to the awakening of the compassionate heart of humanity as my own heart continues to take me on this wild and beautiful journey of awakening. 
Testimonials from past 13 Moon Mystery School Initiates
“Through working with Amadora in the 13 Moon Mystery School initiations, I’ve experienced more profound transformation than I ever have in my life. After dozens of years in therapy, 12 Step and even having done the Hoffman Process, nothing compares to the exponential depth of shift that has happened for me in this past year. Amadora created a container that allowed me to process pieces I didn’t even know existed within me.
My new found ability to hold my center and not collapse in the face of challenge has allowed me to step into my own power and essence – something I’d not been able to do before with any consistency. I’m far better able to hear and trust my heart knowing. And where I’ve felt the need to prove to you how “special” I am because of what I’ve done and who I know, I am now coming to know and embrace my true value as an inherently lovable being.
There were no half measures here. Amadora goes the distance with you. She is deeply intuitive and fearlessly takes you to the heart of the work to be done. The gratitude I have for her and this work is immense. I cannot wait to do more!”
~ Delphine ~
“I came into the priestess work with Amadora feeling like a blank slate. I leave feeling bountiful like a lighthouse calling others home, full of my feminine essence and creative juice.”
~ Robyn ~ 
“Amadora’s ability to dance between fierce grace and radical mirroring of what is true allows shadow parts to be seen and transmuted into love. Her ability to hold a safe container for anything to be expressed allows for a deep relaxation of my nervous system and a freedom to say and reveal some of the darkest places. She also holds a very pristine energetic space and is able to be present with both her own personal challenges while offering deep listening to others. At a time when human evolution is accelerating and our planet is hungry for deep connection and love… Amadora offers a unique opportunity to drop our masks, our fears, our limitations and step fully into the conscious, loving beings we are.”
~ Sonya Stewart ~
“Amadora is a true Initiatrix and an embodiment of the Divine feminine. She brought such a gift in her ability to be a clear, loving mirror. She helped me to see my own qualities, shadows, life struggles, and opportunities in a compassionate way. This is one of the key reasons why her feminine leadership made such an impact on my own personal journey, and still does. There was no hiding out, and there is no hiding out. Her presence has really helped me get underneath the many layers of masks that I have worn over the years to see what is real, and what is the truth.”
~ Michelle Kort ~  
“In the alchemy of our container, you opened in me a surrender to receiving love, resting without all the stories of being unworthy, unloveable~ something that is hugely vulnerable and, in many ways, unfamiliar~ how deep these feelings are- lack of worth, unloveableness~ I did not know I carried these wounds, but I realize they are collective wounds as well as personal. I’m feeling pulled to share the transmission I felt, for you, was perhaps a deeper knowledge of what a powerful light healer you are, and that you are one of the Crystalline healers. As I write that and feel into the frequency of that experience, I am washed with it anew, feeling it throughout and beyond my physical form, I feel this connection and the healing transmission I received from you~ experiencing it again right now, beauty, and trying to capture it in words- everything seen through these eyes shimmers, and I feel my shimmering light body… the darkness is not merely washed away, it is more the light body, the true self, remembered, and the darkness just doesn’t exist.”
~ Ocean ~
“When I received an invitation to dive deeper and explore 13 Moon priestess work with Eden Amadora, a portal was opened to the divine feminine. My heart, my story, and my worldview were realigned in such a way that I began to free-fall into trust. It is in this place of inner-knowing, that I find myself blossoming into my essential self—as an expression of one of the many divine faces of “She”.
Before I began this journey I only had an inkling of what it meant to take radical responsibility for my experience and path. I was stuck in a tomb of shame that kept me from seeing clearly the patterns and beliefs that repressed my joy, sense of personal power, and hindered my ability to reclaim sovereignty within my spirit. 
The container that Amadora created was a womb like chrysalis that offered a sense of safety and kinship that I’d never before experienced with women. Amadora’s precision as a focalizer, and deep compassion for her initiates facilitated a potent alchemical container.
It was in this sacred space that we all transformed through surrender to truths that were often uncomfortable, but more so ecstatic. Each month a new feminine archetype was introduced, and each month another light within shone bright. At the end of 13 months it felt as though we had all melded into one bright light—the healing, creative, eternal light of the divine feminine, the light of the portal in which we’d all entered. What was done for one was done for all, and all were in deep support of each one. It is precisely this philosophy that allows us to continue growing, and shining, in gratitude, along the priestess path. I hope to see you there, remember you, and bow deeply.”
~ Christina Blade ~
May you be true to your own nature and instinct. May you be blessed with the strength and commitment to fulfill your heart’s aims…
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Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
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