An Invitation To Celebrate A Timeless Transmission Of Truth In Sacred Theater From The Alchemy Of Ecstasy..on A Zoom Call Friday, August 14th 5:30pm Pst


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13 Invocations from The Alchemy of Ecstasy by Ariel Spilsbury
Would you like to time travel with me, back to Aesclepios Greece to the healing temples to experience a direct transmission from the Inner Sanctum of Sacred Theater that was the culmination of many years of initiation?
Finally.. the highest resonance material in The Alchemy of Ecstasy, the Invocations to each Divine Feminine archetype, is available for meditation in an audio form with live Sacred Theater actors! In the Sacred Theater Rites at Aesclepios, the actors were trained as archetypal transmitters of frequency through their embodiment of the Divine energies that were offered through them. The Invocations from The Alchemy of Ecstasy that came through myself, Ariel Spilsbury, were scribed over thirty years ago as direct transmissions of pure archetypal vibration. THEY ARE TIMELESS TRANSMISSIONS OF TRUTH. Archetypal energy heals, wholes and catalyzes at levels far beyond the mental understanding of the words, which is why it was used in Aesclepios as a powerful initiation that required soul preparation. The actors in these Invocations have gratefully been trained, to varying degrees, in archetypal transmission for this purpose.
  As with any initiatory process, preparation is required through entering a meditative, focused and openly receptive state to garner the transforming and catalyzing results.(In other words, they just can’t be listened to in the background!).. So make your preparations and allow yourself to be transported to Aesclepios to receive the vibrational gifts directly from the archetypes embodied in these Invocations!
  You can go to the website and then to the Living Library and then to Sacred Theater Videos. Then to Invocations to the Archetypes from The Alchemy of Ecstasy. For optimal results, dive in when you have spaciousness and attention to make a ceremonial setting to take one of the Invocations fully in.
  As a tasty appetizer, I would like to offer a zoom call to take one of the Invocations in together and then share about it after we listen together for further illumination.
We would like to offer this on the evening of Friday, August 14, 2020 at 5:30pm PST. Looking forward to celebrating this birth with you!!. 

In Delight.. ariel
May you be true to your own nature and instinct. May you be blessed with the strength and commitment to fulfill your heart’s aims…
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