Celebrating Imbolc.. The Planting Of New Seeds W/ Ariel & Elonifer Gelph The Biggening Elf! Come Play! Feb 2 At Noon Pst


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Imbolc is upon us; the light that has been hidden in the dark, Underworld now begins to reappear. The first shoots of the earliest snowdrop and crocuses begin to show themselves—tender and almost translucently green.
The days are bringing more light to us. With this light comes a nudge from Mama Gaia that it time to awaken from the deep time spent in the womb of the Mother, to begin pushing our way through her body into the light. To begin again. To be born anew.
The growing light triggers something ancient and primordial within us—a remembrance of LIFE again breathing us. This is something that is governed by a deep cellular knowing, a history written in the blood, breath, and bones of each of us. Let us celebrate this Turn of the Wheel together!
Sunday February 2nd Noon – 2:00
Yurt temple
by heart donation
Elayne Doughty Ordained Priestess, Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple
May you be true to your own nature and instinct. May you be blessed with the strength and commitment to fulfill your heart’s aims…
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Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
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