“deepening In Devotion” 4 Week Online Journey With Sarah Uma – Starting December 6, 2022


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“Deepening In Devotion”
4 Week Online Journey With Sarah Uma
As a priest/ess, to what will you be devoted and consecrated? It is important that you come to clarity about a focalizing lens or container for your sacred work.
In these Mythic times as the structures of the past are collapsing we are being called to be architects of a new  world. 
When we partner with the archetypes we become co-creators so we can discover how we build the rainbow bridge, connecting mind and heart, heaven and earth.
 We each have unique archetypal forces in our life that help us realize our true potential. By engaging with these archetypes in our lives we help them grow and evolve.
I  offer you this invitation as Priest/ess’ in Devotion, as wayshowers of the new, to walk this spiral path grounded in Presence so that you may walk in the world as Love Embodied.
 As a lamp lighter of the Divine that is here to be a clear mirror so that others may look into the clear pool of your reflection and see the Truth within them, for we are One.
As we till the soil of our devotion to the divine and water our consciousness with love, for self and for others, we co-create a new world, a Mythic world where we see the sacred in all of life.
The 13 Knots on the Priestess belt symbolize the qualities and skills that can be used in service to love in devotion.
As a Priestess initiated in the 13 Moon Mystery School this is an opportunity to prepare the fertile field for a new circle or for one of your offerings in the world that will grow from deepening in devotion.
The Priestess in Devotion 4-week Circle will use the symbol of the 13 Knots/Skills on the Priestess belt to identify and explore which one or ones you are committed to deepen with as a 
Priestess of the lineage of the 
13 Moon Mystery School.
You are a Keeper of the Keys of the Mystery. What key have you carried into this lifetime? 
What is asking to come into balance in your life that you stand in the center of the mandala of the solar cross? 
As a galactic chalice, what is the truth you would speak from the deep chalice well of your being in this moment?
How do you intend to use your priestess skills in the w0rld?
The Journey into the heart of Devotion will support you in completing the year of 2022 with clarity on what Priestess skill/ tool will support your walk in the world.
 ”Deepening in Devotion”
with Sarah Uma, Focalizer and Ordained Priestess
of the 13 Moon Mystery School
 4 week Online Course 
Starting December 6-27th, 2022
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“The rewards of life and devotion to God are love and inner rapture,
and the capacity to receive the light of God.”
We invite you to become a part of the circuit of unconditional Love that naturally and continually circulates as we fully step into its golden current. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a place where you will find heart community with whom you can thrive in that Love. We welcome you to join us as a sustaining member of the Sanctuary to share, connect and flourish in the passionate, peaceful, joy-filled world that we create together!
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