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Dream Weavers Circle Jan 24, 2020
Enjoy the recording HERE
Aloha Beloved Circle of Dreamer Weavers,
Thank you so much for joining us on our maiden voyage as a Dream Weaver Circle!!. It was a true delight to see your faces and hear your inspiration for this circle. We are excited to fine tune these sessions so that we can get more of YOUR dreams and YOUR sharing’s. Time flew by for the first call.
We will have a place set up on The Sanctuary Site Under the Dream Weavers section that will be called ABOUT DREAMS, that you can go to for continued Dream inspirations such as video links, art and poetry inspired by dreams shared. We will have information about what archetypes are, how to establish and evoke resonance with the Archetype of The Weaver Dreamer. Most importantly there will be a section to share your dreams and a place for comments and responses (without analyzing the dreams) for dreams posted. 
Our overarching intention for this circle is connection and consciously dreaming up our reality, as well as to connect with each other in our dreams. We ran out of time on our first call, I had wanted to speak to the way we can use The Thirteen Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury to keep a coherent thread moving through our dreaming together.
The Thirteen Moon work is based on Divine Feminine Wisdom Paths that also follow the cycle of creation that correlates to the cycle of the Moon. The dark of the moon is associated with The Great Mother also the first “Face,” Archetype in The Thirteen Moon work. We are asking for dreams that you have had where the archetypal energy of The Great Mother is present. The Great Mother has many different names: Shakti, Demeter, Mary, Shekinah, Corn Mother, Pachamama, Black Madoona, Cybele, Nut, Yamaha, Sige, Mary Magdalene, and many others. She is associated with whale, dragon, turtle, pig. Her color is burgundy. Her crystals are Garnet, ruby, bloodstone. Her geometry is the spiral. Scents: cedar, sage, vetiver, dragons blood, (cinnabar). 
If you feel inspired you can create a dreaming altar and add any of these elements of The Great Mother to evoke her presence in your life waking and dreaming. Let us ask her in our daily meditations, in our dreams how we can be of assistance to Her and each other during this great time of change, of the dismantling and destruction we are currently experiencing in order to bring about a higher level of harmony and truth.
The dream I shared was intense no doubt- I hesitated sharing such a heavy dream in our first circle, however working with archetypal energy is not always comfortable. The dream was from 10 years ago, about two to three weeks ago we went through a major eclipse during a full moon and the line up the planets was incredibly intense…I was reminded of this dream- which is where it seems we are at with the rise of the divine feminine in conscious, our own sovereignty and global climate changes. 
In this dream even the numbers were Archetypal 3 and 6. The symbols of a Cross, Butterfly, and Skull and Crossbones, The triangular portal with a Full Moon inside that connected Earth and Heaven in beauty yet intensity of transformation. The image of Quan Yin who transformed many times sometimes as a Sovereign Queen Ruling to the Unity of the Masculine and Feminine embraced and whole in Tantric Union – back to more of an Earthly depiction of a young Feminine Queen sovereign and ruling – yet awaiting the Masculine to rise in equality. The Earth shaking as humans hung on for dear life definitely speaks to where we are now- as well as the rise of the Divine Feminine in consciousness and sovereignty. 
The question I heard in the dream was “What is worse than a Mother that would eat her own children?” Horrifying to think about or feel and yet when I took this question into meditation I heard in response, “What could be worse, is children who continue in Her and their own deliberate destruction and pain. What could be worse is ignoring, resisting, trying desperately to hold onto what no longer serves our evolution in love’s name. What could be worse is falling into despair and forgetting we have the power to consciously create the beauty we wish to be and see.” We are always at choice. Destruction and Creation are not two separate states one implies the other as “Death implies Life…Life implies Death…Black implies White. They are not mutually exclusive states. 
This dream for me also reminded me to connect outside in Nature, with Nature in deep gratitude. Sending love into the Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Aether.
So let us dream together consciously the new Octave – the Third Octave – out of separation to Union, Wholeness, Equanimity and Grace. Observing what is emerging – embracing the whole in gratitude.
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Enjoy KENSHO a four minute video dreamt by Aaron Paradox and narrated by Alan Watts.
In Devotion and Love A HUI HO!!
Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
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