Fun After Notes And Video From Fall Equinox 2022


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Dear Creators of Fall Equinox and Celebrants,
A ROWDY THANK YOU TO YALL for making this such a FUN Fall Equinox celebration!
It flowed so spontaneously and joyously on peals of laughter and delight! Thank you for making time in your full lives to celebrate this powerful Turn of the Wheel of Fall Equinox! Thank you for valuing these acupuncture points for re-balancing on Gaia!! A deep bow of gratitude to our beloved Michael for keeping the heart beat of the celebration with his drum and ebullient energy! Thank you Uma and Elana and Argon for being entry and anointing gates and Delphine for flow priestessing as needed in the moment! Thank for those beings who offered calling in of the directions and transmissions for the ceremony and those who set up and the dismantled our temple space! Thank you Elana for your generous offer of the yurt Temple for this celebration! We celebrated what we are harvesting at this time in our lives and of course, offered gratitude for ALL that we each have as resources in our abundant lives! We sang, danced, prayed, laughed, whoohooed, and lifted up a cornucopia of JOY to the collective clearing of shadow. Our ceremonial enactment was around release and alchemization of one shadow pattern we were ready to rebalance by honoring the shadow and the light. We freed the pattern with crystal singing and drumming, dancing and singing! We hold each of you in what you have claimed in the light of awareness, until we meet again at Winter Solstice! Thank you Itza for powerfully standing as the Crone to hold the energy for this enactment! Thank you Vyana for offering us a potent Hawaiian blessing chant/mantra for calling in an abundant harvest!!! Yummy beauty! Speaking of that, Argon’s sacrament was ecstatically received by all to alchemize and bring into embodiment the outpicturing of our gratitude in harvest, by being Love in the World!  
Thank you Uma for reminding us with the beautiful poem Gratitude and Awe of a potent focus of this Turn of the Wheel.. (which you can enjoy below).
In devotion,

Holding you in the One Heart,
Your sister, ariel and the Sanctuary of the Open Heart!
Tam.. support: have a successful opening of her juice bar in Walnut Creek:
Delphine.. a new one person priestess living space in Mill valley (if possible in Marin County otherwise)
Lani.. support: on the second friday each month a labyrinth walk at Grace Catherdral.. support for that!
Contact info: Lani J. Krantz, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, (510) 290-5764,
Elana.. needs support in visualizing new forward looking council persons elected in Berkeley CA!
Argon.. has a body size mirror to give away and needs support in getting the word out about his amazing 13 Moon Anointing Oils:
The rest I forgot, please email us ( with yours so that we can post them on the I have I need section of the Sanctuary website!! Thank you!! Ariel
Poem: Gratitude and Awe
Certainty is like clutching what you know inside your fist
like there’s no room to question what might loom just beyond your wrist
It’s the comfort of right angles, the ease of solid lines
it’s the emptiness of a lonely box and the space that it defines.
There were times in school when I had fun with the exactness of the game
thinking I would know a flower once I could say its Latin name.
Like names and addresses, dates of birth could readily explain
why some people crave the sun while others love the rain
Holding the mystery
Step into the river and feel eternity
As the sun will rise and the rain will fall,
may I begin each day with gratitude and awe.
If I could define
in this vast design what was possible or real
I’d never see the desert turn to water or the ocean turn to steel
But I’ve seen those wonders many times and each time I recall
the wonder, the wonder, the wonder of it all.
Holding the mystery
Step into the river and feel eternity
As the sun will rise and the rain will fall,
may I begin each day in gratitude and awe.
Inside every one of us
contained in each square inch of blood there are 75 billion cells
75 billion cells contained within every single square inch of blood
functioning on our behalf so that we might simply be?.
I think of that as a conspiracy, a conspiracy of life.
And since I’m being a bit reflective I’d like to add to this human
life perspective:
If we took every cell phone on the planet
every telephone line on the globe and registered
the conversations conveyed,
the trillions of messages relayed
the entire system would still not approximate the complexity or
functionality of a single
human brain?
It’s just another way of trying to explain the miraculous 
privilege we have of playing this human game.
Holding the mystery
Step into the river and feel eternity
As the sun will rise and the rain will fall,
may I begin each day in gratitude and awe.
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Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
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