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Aerial Image of the Micheldever Cropcircle 2022 by Stonehenge Dronescapes.
If this crop circle isn’t the opening to this Lions Gate coming up on Earth.. I don’t know what is!! This is a very exciting time-bending opening gambit in the Greater Game from the Universe! I wonder what will be made AFTER this ceremonial time period starting on July 25th of the Lions Gate opening (through Aug 12th) Mayan New Year July 26th, the helicial rising of Sirius.
And if you want to go even further down the rabbit hole through a holographic, dimensional, mathematical lens on the first crop circle, take in this update from mathematician Robert Edward Grant, a mathematician and sacred geometrist created these drawings the day before the crop circle showed up in England on July 3rd. He was using the mathematics being studied to “describe or explain” the 5-D Tesseract-proving the existence of the 5th dimension in geometry & numerics to show that it is indeed “real” and “show” us in a way we can understand.
In his drawings, both the concentric spheres (3 d shapes) and the side-by-side cubes (3D shapes) exist simultaneously. The proportions of the shapes within the crop circle are precisely the same mathematically as his sacred geometry drawings and represent in another form, the same conceptual paradigm shift-from two 3-D objects existing separately to two 3-D objects existing simultaneously at the same time (a 4-D concept), showing in form, that the 5-D realm which was once considered “imaginary” is now being proved across disciplines of science, architecture and through the mysterious appearance of the crop circles.
If you go into empty presence with the image of the crop circle, you can watch the straight and curved lines bring both the linear and curvilinear into presence simultaneously….circles and spheres, right and left brain, masculine and feminine forms…all into unity in a dimension we have not yet been able to “show” or “prove” until now…
at the Hexagonal information and triangles within the hexagon. How would you translate these crop circles? Let’s view them in meditation and compare notes after Mayan New Year!!!!

Now then, if you want to learn more of the linear version of this story read on:
                                                    July 25th-August 12th
                                                     By Ariel Spilsbury
Imagine yourself standing in the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is the almost simultaneous, helicial (dawn) rising of the sun and the planet Sirius, which due to the way the Queen’s chamber was constructed, focuses the powerful cosmic rays of Sirius through a tube, allowing its light to fall on to an altar and the head of a priest/ess consecrated to to receive its frequency, to then disseminate that blessing to the people as a whole. The Lion’s Gate represented a time of added evolutionary potential and deep spiritual initiation in Egypt for the purpose of raising consciousness and advancing the human race as a whole.  
The Lion’s Gate portal is activated every year from July 26th through August 12th. This year we have the added end of a larger Lion’s Gate cycle that began in 1999 and ends this year in 2022. This is a time of more open access to higher realms and the information intrinsic to that interface. The ancient Maya also revered this star knowledge by setting their calendar, the Tzolkin, to begin on July 26th. The five
days prior to that were called “the days out of time” wherein they stepped out of ordinary life, fasted, extinguished all fires, paid debts, asked for forgiveness.. in short cleaned up what needed to be, in order to have a fresh, new cosmic start on the beginning of the New Year. At the moment of dawn July 26th, they held a crystal skull above a set fire pit, awaiting Father Sun’s light to re-start the world anew with flames bursting forth, starting life once again renewed and re-birthed.
  Can you imagine how different our world would be if we observed this sacred practice of release for five days each year and then celebrated the new opportunity to grow in consciousness, rather than participating in frivolous, meaningless celebrations for new year? Let’s imagine that change together!
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