Muse Invocation From The Alchemy Of Ecstasy – Thank You For Joining Us!


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Dear Ones..
  Ah the dance with the Muse in this transmission tonight.. was like a water color wash… subtle colors merging with words and sounds.. making an energy painting that stretched the mind to hear/feel/see beyond the limits of ordinary understanding or meaning. Thank you for your demonstrated ability to surrender to What Is! For me, not being able to “hear” distinctly, took me out of full presence until I surrendered to the beauty of the water color like quality of the sound..
 I hold each of your requests for support tenderly in my heart’s alchemical cauldron along with all of you! May each of the blessings and support we requested be manifested in the quantum realm of the heart..           HERE HERE NOW NOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! 
  In delight.. THE MUSE
This event is offered through Heart donations!
The Sanctuary of the Open Heart welcomes all forms of support and deeply appreciates financial contributions that allow for ever wider expansion of the Sacred Feminine in this world. If you are moved to support our mission and desire to make a one time donation above your regular moonly giving, or, a one time gift of support, the Sanctuary is overjoyed to receive it. All donations contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the Sanctuary, and makes the offerings of spiritual growth, support and expansion possible for beings across the globe.
May you be true to your own nature and instinct. May you be blessed with the strength and commitment to fulfill your heart’s aims…
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Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
Sanctuary of the Open Heart
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