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Dream Weavers Circle
December 2nd, 2022
Aloha Beloved’s,
 Turtles All The Way Down
Thank you beauties for showing up to our dream circle and sharing. It has been less than two weeks since our last gathering and it feels like two months. There is always i feel so much packed into this particular month. I am so looking forward to the Sanctuary’s Winter Solstice Celebration which will be a Mythic Ritual Enactment. “Serpent Solstice, She Shed’s Her Skin & Rises In Radiance” on Saturday December the 17th. i will be watching the live stream beginning at 7:00 pm (PST) sharp. You can register on-line through the Sanctuary of the Open Heart website.
During our last circle i shared the dream of….
 Finding myself in a beautiful, wealthy and sophisticated neighborhood. The apartment complex was in the shape of a crescent moon and in the center a beautiful garden and at the center of that a beautiful fountain. Day became night and intrigued by the beauty of the place i wondered around to investigate. As i went from apartment to apartment i was astounded by what wealth could make possible. Each place was designed with such intent, coherency, and although seemingly futuristic very much so now. Ergonomic, efficient and sustainable and also a feeling of luxury. There was a symbiosis of every part of the home functioning together. Nothing was wasted and every surface, wall and space was beautiful and impressive.
Art by Gilbert Williams
I peered through one set of large 20 foot tall windows into a home within the complex i felt particularly drawn to. It was evening and dark inside, it seemed as though no one was home. Inside i saw an incredible flowing sculpture fountain that began on the top third floor of the home and went all the way through and down to the first floor, where the kitchen was. As happens within dreams i seamlessly moved through the outer wall of the place and into it, just by being so intrigued and struck by what i saw. The fountain sculpture was all made of turtles stacked one on top of another’s back, from the top floor to the ground floor.
 It was beautiful and odd and instantly i recalled the expression, “Turtles all the way down,” as the theory or the philosophical problem of infinite regress. “ An infinite regress is an infinite series of entities governed by a recursive principle that determines how each entity in the series depends on or is produced by its predecessor. “
In that moment Neil deGrasse Tyson a well known American astrophysicist and author showed up as it was his and his family’s home. He welcomed me in and said i could look around and check out the sculpture fountain, that clearly i was intrigued with. i followed the sculpture up to the top floor where his bedroom was and this was where the fountain began. The fountain at the top was made
to look like a bubbling up spring and it was planted out with flowers that intentionally looked like flames. It was simple and beautiful and effective.
i wondered back down and Neil had pulled out a deck of Tarot cards and offered
The cards presented were the One of Cups and the Ace or Zero of Cups. Interestingly they are the one in same as there is no Zero of Cups.
The Zero and One of Cups kept flickering into one another, a binary code, now here, now gone. Here, the dream ends. The suit of cups has little to do with facts, logic or concrete evidence based on observation – so interesting that a scientist gave this reading then.
In most traditional tarot the Ace of Cups is the first card in a progression all the way to the ten of cups. There really is no zero of cups – unless you are considering possibly the entirety of the the suit in its relation to each other.   Here i see the repeating theme of “Infinite regress” as each card in the suit is part of a story a journey Ace through ten. Each card consists in relatedness. The suit of Cups is traditionally associated with the element of water. So emotions, feelings, the subconscious, flow, empathy, relationships, creativity, abundance, intuition, often feminine, receptive, adaptive and purifying. The turtles sculpture fountain was immersed in the flowing element of water one on top of the other that began with a bubbling fountain.  There was also a fountain in the garden
that was in the center of the complex. The element of water is certainly present and represented in the dream. 
I am also reminded of the Indra’s web…how everything is connected to one another. Connection. Spider Woman’s web. Like how a book is also part tree, part soil, water, sun, ink, ideas, machines, technology and everything else it took connected and combined to make it. Infinite regress…. one part relying on every other. If you look at where we are in our evolution personally and planetary where do we exist? Here today gone tomorrow? Like Binary code like the 0 and Ace of cups blinking on and off and into each other? Where are you on your personal Mythic journey? What part of the story are you inhabiting now and where are you aiming to go having gathered and garnered all the wisdom and tools thus far? What is wealth – abundance- creativity to you now? Are you open and receptive, flowing and in right relationship in all your relationships? Are you in gratitude? Are you following your intuitions and spirit or spilling precious life force out into baseless fantasies or emotional reactivity? Is your logical, empirical, rational mind in a balanced and harmonious relationship with your heart and emotions? Is your inner masculine and feminine unified, and in whole relationship? What blocks you from cultivating, generating and receiving abundance?
Thank you Beloveds I am excited to see you again come Friday January the 6th at 12:00 PST. So much has transpired – as always look to your dreams for signs, signals and guidance. Till then A hui ho!
In Love,
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