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Dream Weavers Circle
September 2, 2022
Aloha Beautiful Dream Weavers,
Sometimes it seems that so much of what we do is a sort of remembering. Even in our dreams we are remembering. Continuing along a path of discovery, insight, forgetting and remembering again. A spiral, spinning, weaving distinct moments and memories together into a continuous life stream, lifethread …patterns in motion. This reminds me of how Spider Woman weaves, there is always a thread in the story, in the making, in creating, in life. A thread that is there through and through. Sometimes the thread seems to disappear only to re-emerge in the weaving of your life story, stronger, bolder, more fluent and strengthened. 
What dear dreamers, dear weavers is the lifethread that is showing up for you now?? Pay attention! It may be the thread that like our wise Ariadne, gifted Theseus, is your soul’s gift to you. The thread that you can count on to assist you in finding your way out of your particular labyrinthian underworld. So awake and present we must be, to assess what is real in an ever increasing world that seems determined to create more mazes and labyrinths to trust. 
I have often heard it said that, without trust there is no relationship. So, what to do? How do we find that thread that was long ago woven into our divine blueprint? 
Slow down, “Be still and know god/dess,” take a few deep breaths. If and when you can put bare feet, hands on earth. Take a walk in the fresh air, some place with trees if available. WHat practices bring you back into the balance of heart, mind and body? 
” We are the Weavers we are the woven ones, we are the Dreamers we are the Dream “
In our last call together a thread that wove itself through three of our dream shares was about remembering our ability to take on a challenge, to lead and “Fly”. 
 A call to the femmine within to step up to the challenge ahead. The masculine figure in one dream seemed used to being in the driver’s seat. The dream figure admitting to the feminnie to the divine child, the terrible and shocking realization that they did not “know” how to fly this plane.  All the while, the plane seemed to be heading for a crash with a huge wave…as a flash of golden sunlight pierced through.

We are offered the opportunity to remember, to re-discover our innate leadership skills in the face of great uncertainty and change. At this time, we may well find ourselves thrust into the pilot’s seat of life with the plane we are on seemingly going down. The theme of the journey to the Underworld seems to be a wefting thread nowadays. Life feels different, IS different when you are no longer on “auto-pilot”. It is not about “taking control” it is about self-mastery and actualization which is ever evolving, changing and deepening opening in love. What color is your thread of self- mastery? Presently for me it is gold- as in the gold we alchemize through our deep work of addressing our limitations, projections and shadows with love, acceptance and patience.

We also entered into a whirlpool, black hole, and another spiral. Here we sat casually with god/dess, relaxing in the center. Aware of the surrounding chaos yet choosing to remain in the center, relaxing, slowly dissolving, releasing fear, anger and tension in a whirlpool cauldron of hot waters. God/dess informing us that in fact, blackholes, wormholes, spinning, spiraling is a fun way, a novel way in which to create change, and though it may look scary or like death or like a thousand disasters of chaos that could happen, that the center is calm and still, relaxed and flowing. What started as a dream on a dry desolate dusty desert road – much like Delphine’s waking dream life experience, ended up in a forest of beauty and renewal.
In the dream, it ended in an ancient oak tree forest in which was found the entrance to a sanctuary, a temple with a huge door made of oak. On the door artistically fashioned out of iron was the shape of a tree with many branches and in one branch hung a crescent moon. This image felt like a thread woven out of a remembrance of a place, a sanctuary found in nature and in the balance and harmony of the masculine and feminne. May it be so!
Once again I am astonished at the overlays and synchronicities that the Weaver Dreamer offers us. Spider Woman subtly weaves layers of symbols and images, moments into our dreams into our lives, that we may waken and remember, “Spider Dreams!! I’m dreaming Spider Dreams again! Kokyangwuti Spider woman, she showed me her weaving, she showed me her web, she showed me we are all related, we are all connected.”
Deep bow to each of you and I look forward to our next dreaming together.
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