Post Transmission Reflection Circle-wowza What An Expanded State We Accessed In Our Journey Into Fusion With The Goddess Transmission!


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Dear Beloveds..
Dear Ones..
  I am so expanded and blasted open from our time together today in the post transmission call! Thank you for holding the container so coherently that that journey was possible, in spite of the sound journey being compromised by zoom. That was just a reminder to download the vimeo link of the original wave file and then listen to it on a better sound system. (LINK HERE) i know you will be glad that you did! This transmission was from an experience of complete dissolution of my ego/mind.. being the mystic that i am, dissolving AND wanting to bring the extraordinary experience back with me to share with all of you beloveds to taste that Divine nectar! 
   Please take time to integrate the vibratory gift of this transmission, especially by getting into water, or going into nature.. to utilize the frequency to create or open more fully to Love. I embrace each one of you with deepest Love.. May we celebrate our Divine Mother on Her next Turn of the Wheel, Spring Equinox March 21st! However you celebrate, let us reverently adore Her!! In Oneness… your sister.. ariel
Please use this link for a better sound journey experience of this transmission. The link below is for the recording of the call from today.
  Thank you for coming together to receive this potent transmission challenge from the Mother, to stop looking away from death in fear, and start befriending death as an intrinsic part of life. I feel we all came to more clarity about how we can start doing that through our sharing. I encourage any one doing this meditation or taking in the video, to be willing to take on that challenge as well! We were also challenged to explore what it is that sustains and nourishes us as we face off with experience of death. I send my encouragement to all beings, that we garner as souls, the gifts of the extreme times we are in presently. My love and blessings embrace each one of you!And in response to one of your shares.. this image!
In Her Embrace.. ariel 
Please enjoy the recording of today’s Post Transmission Circle full moon gathering with Ariel Spilsbury. 
If you missed the call this time around, we look forward to seeing you next time.
Our Next Post Transmission Call will be on March 31, 2021 at 12pm pacific
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